The safest place to live in the UK is an 'amazing' spot as burglaries rise - full list

Burglaries North Norfolk

The safest places to live have been shared

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 16/10/2023

- 11:52

Updated: 17/10/2023

- 20:17

The safest place has been named based on where burglaries are less likely to occur

Burglaries could rise in the coming weeks and November and December are some of the worst months for the crime.

The 10 most popular days for a burglary fall within these months.

A fifth of all claims are made at this time of year, according to Admiral.

Some parts of the UK are safer from theft than others, however.

Cromer North Norfolk beach

Visitors have shared praise for the safest areas


Research from Hiatt Hardware looked at the risk of burglary and which areas are the safest.

It considered factors such as the number of robberies and burglaries per 100,000 people.

It also tracked shoplifting reports and bicycle thefts.

North Norfolk was found to be the safest spot, with a breaking and entering score of 0.36/10.

Areas with the lowest risk of theft

North Norfolk - 0.36/10

Broadland - 0.40/10

South Norfolk - 0.55/10

Wealden - 0.69/10

Copeland - 0.80/10

Ribble Valley - 0.81/10

Staffordshire Moorlands - 0.90/10

North Kesteven - 0.91/10

Isle of Anglesey - 0.91/10

Forest of Dean - 1.09/10

Man breaking into house

Burglaries are common at the end of the year


Parts of Norfolk made the top three safest places to live in the UK.

Norfolk is a much loved area to visit as well as live and it is home to the popular Cromer Pier.

Some who had visited the area headed to Tripadvisor to share their praises.

One commented on the "beautiful" and "safe" area. They said: "Just love Cromer and its people. Amazing place, safe, welcoming, beautiful clear sands and blue ocean very friendly people welcoming polite helpful lots to see and do lots of shops pubs restaurants... Very clean beach and very safe."

Another added: "It's always nice to have a walk on the pier. Very clean."

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