Some petrol and diesel drivers forced to pay 'hundreds of pounds' for fuel until next year

A fuel pump

Petrol and diesel drivers will be hit with huge costs over the Premier League season

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 14/08/2023

- 10:20

Updated: 14/08/2023

- 10:22

Fuel prices are starting to rise again after months of falling costs, much to the dismay of football supporters

Football fans are set to be hit with massive fuel costs this year when travelling to away games, new data has shown.

Motorists can expect to spend around £709 on fuel if they are driving to watch their team play away this season.

With the first weekend of matches of the new Premier League season getting underway, some supporters will be forced to spend a lot more than others.

Newcastle fans will be forced to spend an average of around £1,200 on fuel to follow the Magpies around the country, driving more than 4,700 miles in the process.

St. James' Park

Newcastle fans will need to pay more than other football fans when going to away games


Fans of newly promoted Luton Town will be spared from spending too much at the filling station, with supporters expected to spend around £326 in petrol and £330 in diesel travelling just under 2,200 miles.

Research has shown that almost half of football fans will travel to fewer away games this season as a result of the rising costs of fuel and match tickets.

Drivers will also spend an average of £79 per game on food, drinks, merchandise, parking and potentially even accommodation for the night.

The most expensive game of the season will see Newcastle fans travel down to Bournemouth, a staggering 714-mile return journey.

On average, drivers will face costs of £106 when travelling from St. James' Park to the Vitality Stadium on the south coast.

Louise Thomas, motoring expert at car insurance said: “For football fans, the beginning of the new season is a very exciting time. And the idea of travelling to watch their team play away gives them something to look forward to.

“But it’s no surprise that many fans are choosing to go to fewer away games this season as the price of one trip could cost them hundreds of pounds.

“Especially as people are spending more than £70 on top of their ticket and travel costs - it becomes an expensive day out.”

The expert urged drivers to make use of fuel price checker tools to ensure they are getting the best deal when shopping around for fuel.

By planning ahead, motorists can plan their route based on cheaper fuel stations in their area or along their path to the next away game.

While the savings may seem minimal at first, the pennies can soon add up, especially when saving money every weekend.

If they can, drivers should always try and avoid motorway service stations, where prices are normally massively inflated.


The Premier League ball

The new Premier League season kicked off over the weekend


According to RAC fuel watch, the average price of petrol at a motorway petrol station is 23.3p more expensive than the average UK filling station, while drivers will pay 23.6p more on the motorway.

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