How to thicken hair as over-50 shares three oils that worked wonders for her

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The content creator swears by three oils to keep her scalp healthy

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 31/03/2024

- 10:00

Updated: 31/03/2024

- 10:04

A science-backed solution to hair loss and thinning may be the pillar supporting thickness and shine as women enter their 50s

Hair care for women over 50 caters for a wide range of needs, including thinning and greying.

While there are countless products to treat these factors, natural oils can also make a big difference.

The content creator behind the YouTube page, titled Fighting Fifty TV, has built a big following since she started sharing her top tips for hair care during menopause. She explains that three oils helped her maintain lustrous locks when she entered her golden years.

There is scientific evidence that these oils, namely peppermint, tea tree and rosehip, do wonders for our hair by boosting the health of our scalp.

woman combing hair

A healthy scalp is the key to healthy hair


“Just remember that if you want to have healthy hair you have to have a healthy scalp,” the woman said in her clip.

“We all know that as we age our hair starts to thin out and it kinda loses its lustre and it’s not as thick and full as it used to be.

“If you want to have full and thick hair your scalp needs to be healthy. There are two things that will help you to keep your hair strong and growing back.

“Those two things start from the inside and the scalp. For your scalp, you want to make sure you don’t have a lot of dandruff buildup.”

She continued: “There are few natural products that I will use to treat and eliminate dandruff and that is peppermint oil and tea tree oil, and then also rosehip seed oil is incredible.

“I recommend that before you wash your hair with a very natural shampoo, you use one of these oil, you scrub in on your scalp and you let it sit there for 10 minutes before you wash it off.”

Research published in the Journal of Toxicology Research in 2014, confirmed that peppermint oil is a “potent mitogen supporting cell growth and survival and also plays a role to increase hair thickness”.

Elsewhere in the report, scientists stated that they noticed “remarkably promoted hair growth” in subjects within the second week of the study.

Rosehip oil is hailed as a moisturising agent, leaving the skin and hair incredibly smooth.

Healthline confirms that several of the properties of rosehip oil might “increase the strength” of hair” and “thereby promote overall length”.


Peppermint oil on table

Dilute peppermint oil with a carrier before applying the solution to the scalp


It comes as Annamaria Kalebic, a 52-year-old beauty influencer, recently shared three lifestyle changes that made a difference to the quality of her hair when she entered menopause.

In a clip shared on TikTok, the content creator credited collagen builders, protein intake and heat-free treatments as the most influential factors.

Hair uses an amalgamation of proteins and fats as its building blocks, so when reserves decline, so does the quality of our locks.

The internet is brimming with quick-fix solutions to these problems, but the most noticeable changes come with a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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