How to stop rats and mice storming your home as rodent season continues in the UK

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Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 24/10/2023

- 15:35

Rodent season in the UK typically runs from September to November

Rats and mice are more likely to find their way inside during the autumn months as they search for food and warm shelter.

They can be a nuisance but an expert shared some ways to make them less likely to appear.

Garden expert and director of Polhill Josh Novell has given some handy tips.

He shared advice for keeping rodents out of the house, including how to stop Halloween decorations from attracting more pests.

Mouse in house

An expert shared how to get rid of pests at home


One of the simplest ways to deter rats is the keep a tidy and clean home, the expert suggested.

He said: "Food waste and debris are attractors for rats and other pests.

"Frequently clear the area surrounding your decorations of any trash or fallen leaves.

"To prevent attracting pests, keep trash and food waste in firmly sealed containers."

There are also some handy ways to stop pests in their tracks before they enter the house.

This can be done with the help of having pest-repelling plants in the garden, Josh added.

He said: "In your garden, grow plants that deter pests, such as marigolds or mint.

"These may aid in keeping pests and rodents away from the region."

Rats in house

Clearing up food waste will make rodents less likely to enter


If all else fails, it could be time to put some traps around the house.

The expert said: "You may place traps or pest deterrents all throughout your garden if you're worried about pests.

"Ultrasonic equipment or humane traps can help keep pests at bay."

An expert shared more "crucial" hacks to keep rats and mice out of the home.

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