'The best ones': Rare Lindor treat hits shelves at Tesco sending chocolate lovers into a frenzy

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The chocolate treat has been spotted at Tesco

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 23/06/2024

- 09:51

Chocolate lovers have been going crazy after discovering Lindt Lindor's Pistachio Chocolates at Tesco

Lindt Lindor's Pistachio Chocolates have hit Tesco’s shelves nationwide, sending chocolate lovers into a frenzy.

The highly sought-after pistachio flavour of Lindt's famous Lindor truffles is notoriously hard to find in shops.

But thousands of shoppers have taken to social media after spotting the indulgent treats at Tesco supermarkets.

The beautifully balanced combination of chocolate and pistachio has become a classic flavour of the brand's.

Tesco Express store

Shoppers are flocking to Tesco to stock up on the treat


Eagle-eyed shoppers have also spotted the chocolates on display in other supermarkets, including B&M.

A photo of the pistachio chocolates was shared to the Newfoodsuk Facebook group with hundreds of shoppers leaving comments.

One person wrote: “I did a little dance when I spotted them this morning in my Tesco. My absolute favourite flavour.”

“Oh, I would be delighted with a box of these,” shared another shopper.

A fourth person chimed in: “These are lush.”

One customer quipped: “I ate so many at Christmas as [I] ordered a giant pick n mix from their site - the best ones!”

“Must find these…” wrote another user.

“Come to Somerset, where the outlet shop is” one person suggested. “[There are] so many flavours and they have a pick n mix. You might need a credit card though!”

According to Lindt, the “delectable nut chocolate recipes are crafted using the finest almonds, hazelnuts, or pistachios and high-quality cocoa beans to create crunchy textures, perfectly balanced with notes of caramel and vanilla”.

The Swiss luxury chocolate maker launched a plant-based version of its famous Lindor truffles last month.



Shoppers first spotted the chocolate treats at B&M last year


The irresistibly creamy treats, made with oat milk, are available in milk and dark chocolate.

“Using plant-based milk, these Lindt LINDOR truffles give you the same smooth, melting chocolate experience in a finely crafted premium oat milk chocolate shell,” the product description reads.

“These chocolate candy truffles are the perfect chocolate indulgence for those who do not consume dairy products but still crave a premium chocolate experience.

“Each plant-based, non-dairy chocolate struggle is made with premium ingredients, including the finest cocoa and gluten-free oats.”

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