Britons discover 'delicious' Sainsbury's snack with the 'perfect combination' - 'we definitely need these'

Sainsbury's / Marmite Cheese & Marmite Puffs

The new snack contains a 'love it or hate it' ingredient

GETTY IMAGES / Sainsbury's
Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 09/07/2024

- 16:24

Customers can snap up a six-pack of Sainsbury's Marmite Cheese & Marmite Puffs for £2.20

Sainsbury's has delighted customers with its Marmite Cheese & Marmite Puffs, with thousands of shoppers flocking to social media to praise the snack.

A Facebook post by Newfoodsuk amassed a whopping 3,000 comments from adoring cheese and Marmite fans. On Instagram, more than 1,000 Sainsbury's shoppers shared their excitement.

One social media user gave their verdict on the snack: "These are delicious." Another tagged a loved one in the comments section, stating: "We definitely need these."

A keen shopper said that her "mission" of the day was to get their hands on the product. To this, a fellow marmite and cheese enthusiast responded: "Buy them all."

Marmite Cheese & Marmite Puffs

One shopper described it as her 'perfect combination'


One shopper sent their loved one out on an assignment: "Can you keep a look out please?"

Praising the combination of cheese and Marmite, one shopper described the ingredients as their "two favourite things". Another seconded this, describing the product as their "perfect combination".

Other shoppers described the puffs as a "need". One Marmite enthusiast was so excited about the product that she didn't want the world to find out about it. They said: "Shh, don't tell everyone !!!! Lol." Their fellow cheese and Marmite fan replied: "Our stock will be gone."

This comes as Marks and Spencer launched a new sandwich with "literally the best filling".

One M&S shopper said: "Had this sandwich yesterday, absolutely banging sandwich."

Sainsbury's described the product as "Delicious Cheesy Puffs With a Bit of Lovely Marmite Flavour". A six-pack will set customers back £2.20, and £1.65 with Nectar.

A fan of the snack said: "Trust me when I say that six pack doesn’t last more than an hour."

One shopper can't wait to try the product for the first time: "Ooh! I hope my Sainsbury's has them."

Social media comments about Sainsbury's snacks were littered with descriptions such as "lush", "amazing" and "fantastic".

While so many Sainsbury's shoppers were delighted to hear about the latest Marmite concoction, not everyone seemed best pleased by the item.


Cheddar cheese and Marmite sandwich from M&S

One M&S shopper said: 'Had this sandwich yesterday, absolutely banging sandwich'

Instagram / Newfoodsuk

Marmite is certainly a divisive ingredient, paired with the slogan "Love it or hate it".

One disgruntled shopper was not excited to try the puffs. They said: "Truly amazing when put straight into the bin!" Another tagged a Marmite fan and said: "You sick person!! You'd eat these."

Sainsbury's isn't the only supermarket introducing new products. Aldi just brought back summer drinks for £6.49 - but shoppers must be quick.

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