'Diabolical!' Shoppers unsure as Morrisons brings back Easter pizza made with cheese and chocolate

Morrisons store / Morrisons Easter Egg Pizza

Morrisons has brought back a Easter Egg Pizza

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 29/03/2024

- 09:17

Updated: 29/03/2024

- 15:55

Morrisons shoppers can pick up an Easter pizza this weekend but it has been met with mixed reviews

Many people will be tucking into Easter eggs this weekend and the return of the Morrisons Stonebaked Easter Pizza aims to give Britons another way to get their chocolate fix.

However, some customers are unsure of the pizza that is topped with chocolate and cream cheese.

The creation can be ordered online or picked up in stores. It serves four people and is available to buy for £3.50.

Its description reads: "This unique 10 inch pizza is topped with cream cheese, chocolate chips, cookie dough and mini eggs."

Morrisons Easter Egg Pizza

Customers have shared their verdict


The return of the dessert has sparked debate among customers who are not convinced of whether they would like to try it.

Posting on Facebook, one shopper commented: "We had one of these for Mother's Day I think it was. It was ermmm different." [SIC]

A second customer simply described the pizza as "diabolical" while another who had tried it said "don't bother".

One more questioned the recipe, asking: "Why would they use soft cheese instead of a chocolate spread?"

However, it wasn't all bad as others said they want to give it a go, or have tried and enjoyed the pizza before. One who had had the pizza said "I actually had them twice, it was really nice" and a second added it "looks tasty".

The pizza is joining other Morrisons Easter bakes including Morrisons Easter Mini Egg Gateau, Morrisons Easter Mini Egg Cheesecake and Morrisons Easter Mini Egg Brownies.

Morrisons also relaunched a dupe for the Cadbury Mini Egg biscuits, selling its own Mini Egg Cookies, which are available for £1.29.

Shoppers have also commented on the cookies with one describing them as a "must try" and another customer saying they are "not a want, but a need".


Morrisons Mini Egg Cookies

Morrisons relaunched its Mini Egg Cookies


A third shopper highlighted they are cheaper than the Cadbury cookies and similar dupes in other supermarkets. Other customers who had tried the cookies were less impressed saying they did not live up to expectations.

One chocolate fan wrote: "They really weren't that nice" and another said they weren't "as nice as I thought they would be. They're decent though".

This comes as Christians fume claiming Morrisons' hot cross bun flavoured cheese is an "attack on symbolism of Easter".

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