McDonald's Big Mac gets a huge overhaul in a move to make the 'best burgers ever'

McDonald's Big Mac

McDonald's has updated its Big Mac

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 01/12/2023

- 16:44

McDonald's is shaking up how burgers are made with the promise of better tasting meals

McDonald's will bring in a new way of making burgers in a bid to improve their meals and take on competitors such as Five Guys.

The new Big Mac method will roll out in the US after being trialled in Australia.

McDonald's is famous for its burgers, with the Big Mac, Cheeseburger and Quarter Pounder all popular options.

The fast food giant will use new cooking methods to make burgers juicier and pack them full of flavour.

McDonald's Big Mac

US customers will see a number of changes to the burger


This comes as it has been working on improving the Big Mac for seven years.

Customers will notice several changes that have been brought in to make the burgers taste better.

Big Macs will be served with more sauce, and buttery brioche buns will be introduced.

The buns will have a thicker bottom to keep heat in and sesame seeds will be scattered randomly to make it more aesthetic.

It will aim to create juicier patties by grilling six at a time, instead of eight. This will help apply more pressure so the burgers keep more patty juices.

McDonald's will also make a change to the toppings, with cheese being taken out of the fridge earlier to allow it to melt more.

Onions will be rehydrated to become juicier and lettuce and pickles will be refreshed more often.

A new campaign highlights the changes and promises the "best burgers ever".


The changes updates aim to give a juicier burger 


The improved cooking method will be rolled out at the chain's 13,000 US locations.

McDonald’s senior director of global menu strategy Chris Young said: "We can do it quick, fast and safe, but it doesn’t necessarily taste great.

"So, we want to incorporate quality into where we’re at."

Speaking of the new burger, McDonald's chef Chad Schafer added: "One is hotter… It looks meltier.

"Look at how my fingers sink into the bun. Smell it and you smell a big difference."

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