Heinz fans rejoice amid launch of ‘heavenly’ baked beans and cheese in a tin

Heinz baked beans

A limited drop of the special combo is scheduled for Valentine's Day

Solen Le Net

By Solen Le Net

Published: 12/02/2024

- 14:16

Updated: 12/02/2024

- 16:00

Heinz has announced a new pairing in the run-up to Valentine's Day

Heinz has released a new twist on its classic after collaborating with a Cornish cheesemaker to bring fans a Cheezy Beanz.

Five hundred cans will go on sale at noon on Valentine’s Day in a limited drop, with the product set to hit supermarket shelves nationwide later in the month.

Alessandra de Dreuille, Director of meals and insights at Heinz said: “We know Brits absolutely love pairing beanz with cheese.

“We’re thrilled to finally announce our partnership with Cathedral City, bringing beanz lovers up and down the country the ultimate perfect match.

Heinz baked beans launch

Fans are thrilled about the latest addition to the Heinz repertoire


“And what better time to launch this cheesy duo than in the run-up to Valentine’s Day!“

Whether you’re celebrating with your friends, partner, family or even your pets, you can be sure to find love with the Heinz Cheesy Beanz”.

Fans have already caught wind of the launch on X, where they seem in favour of the new pairing.

“Whoooo hoooo I just said yesterday cheesy beans needed to come back,” one person wrote.

“Heavenly,” quipped another commentator, while a third person exclaimed: “They listened! Need to get these in some time.”

“I hope these have a mature cheddar taste,” another X user chimed in.

The launch follows new research showing that the majority of Britons prefer eating their baked beans with lashings of cheese.

It emerged that the average Briton eats baked beans 57 times a year, with a further 25 per cent indulging in the snack twice a week or more.

Baked Beans in a bowl

Research shows that most Britons enjoy their baked beans with cheddar


Neil Stewart, head of cheese marketing at Cathedral City, said: “We’re so excited to be teaming up with Heinz to bring this truly unique and delicious flavour to the UK.

“With 64 per cent of Brits agreeing that cheese makes beans even tastier, it feels like a no-brainer.

“We’re really looking forward to partnering with another family favourite to provide the nation with the everyday high quality and delicious tasty meals they know and love.”

The pre-mixed cheese and bean sauce will be widely available in stores from February 21st.

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