Drivers could be slapped with massive £2,500 fine for having an air freshener in their vehicle

A car air freshener

Having an air freshener could see drivers hit with huge fines

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 20/09/2023

- 13:18

Updated: 20/09/2023

- 13:43

Motorists must always have a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead of them

Drivers are being warned that they could potentially face huge fines for having an air freshener hanging in their car.

Failure to keep an air freshener out of the so-called “red zone” could affect the driver's view and could lead to them not having proper control of their car.

Many motorists may have a small air freshener hanging on their rear-view mirror to keep their car smelling fresh.

Some even have novelty items hanging from their rear-view mirror, like furry dice, hats, necklaces and even dream catchers.

A car sat nav

Sat navs can also distract drivers when on the road


These can have a greater impact as they may sway across the view of the driver more often and could be at a greater risk of falling down, also distracting the motorist.

By driving with these items, motorists may not have a full view of what's ahead of them and could potentially be breaking road rules.

It is against the law to drive without having a full view of the road and traffic ahead as it can lead to serious accidents for all road users.

If they do not have a clear view out of their windscreen, they could be hit with a £1,000 fine, a discretionary disqualification and three penalty points on their driving licence.

People driving HGVs and other commercial vehicles like buses or coaches could face even higher charges, with the fine rising to £2,500.

In the event that a driver is involved in an accident that was caused by not having a proper view of the road, they could be found guilty of careless driving under the Road Traffic Act 1988.

Experts are now suggesting that some drivers should remove any items which could obstruct their view and have an impact on their driving.

Tim Alcock, from, said: "Many seemingly innocent driving acts can get drivers into trouble so it's worth knowing the law and taking steps to be on the right side of it.

“While having an air freshener hanging in the car isn’t explicitly illegal, it is against the law to not have a full vision of your surroundings and this kind of obstruction can block out part of the view ahead.

“It is also an offence to be driving while distracted, so if the air freshener is affecting the driver efficiently assessing their surroundings for potential hazards and this results in an accident they could be charged with a distracted driving offence.

“To be safe, avoid hanging an air freshener or any decoration like fluffy dice or car charms from the front-rear mirror.”

Drivers could also be distracted by satellite navigation systems which are often placed in the eyeline of the driver to ensure which way they are going.


A dream catcher on a rear-view mirror

Some drivers put more elaborate decorations on their rear-view mirror


With the increased use of mobile phone apps to check the direction of travel, motorists must not touch their phone when at the wheel or they could face a £200 fine and six penalty points.

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