Drivers warned of travel chaos and car insurance issues as Storm Agnes batters UK

A car driving through flood water

Motorists are warned against driving through flood water

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 27/09/2023

- 13:40

Storm Agnes is set to bring dangerous driving conditions to the UK over the next few days

Drivers are being warned of travelling over the next two days given the expected impact of Storm Agnes, with experts saying it could lead to dangerous situations and car insurance issues.

Four Met Office yellow weather warnings are currently in place for drivers affecting all of Northern Ireland and Wales, most of Scotland and parts of England.

These warnings have been issued for rain and wind, with the British Isles set to be battered with winds of up to 80mph.

Storm Agnes will also bring misery for many across the UK on Thursday, with three more yellow warnings being issues covering the same area.

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In these kinds of situations, the Met Office will issue guidance for drivers to be careful and only travel when necessary.

Adam Gavin, head of motor claims at Admiral Insurance, said it was vital for road users to understand how to stay safe in the dangerous conditions.

He added: “Driving through heavy rain isn’t an easy task as it makes for poor road conditions, including limited visibility as well as an increased risk of aquaplaning.

“So, if your journey isn’t essential, consider delaying the trip until the storm eases off.

“If it’s essential for you to drive, remember that it takes longer to stop during wet weather, so you should leave at least a four-second gap between you and the car in front.”

Roads can quickly become flooded with the amount of rain expected, prompting environmental agencies to issue 26 flood warnings across England, Scotland and Wales this week.

The expert warned that six inches of rain was enough to reach the bottom of most cars, potentially causing them to lose control and stall.

Motorists should avoid driving into flood water as they may not know how deep the water is and could cause damage to their cars.

In some instances, vehicle owners may not be covered by insurance if anything happens to their car when driving through flood water.

Adam Gavin said: “If you absolutely have to head out on the roads in bad weather, watch your speed, keep an eye on the changing road conditions, and most of all – stay safe.”

The Met Office has warned that the storm will “rapidly intensify” with a danger to life warning issued from Wednesday until Thursday.

Gusts of 70mph have already been recorded in southwest Ireland, with strong winds and heavy rain set to impact millions of people.

With the wind warning in place, the Met Office has stated that some roads and bridges are likely to close.

Because of this, drivers are urged to keep up to date with any alerts from environmental groups and their local weather forecasts.


A strong wind warning

Drivers are being warned of strong winds and heavy rain


With the temperatures starting to drop, drivers could also prepare an emergency travel kit to keep them safe in the winter if they do break down.

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