Motorists could be slapped with yet another daily charge to drive under drastic new plans

The entrance to Blackwall Tunnel

Both tunnels are set to begin charging in 2025

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 25/09/2023

- 11:56

Updated: 25/09/2023

- 11:56

If travelling through the tunnel, Ulez and Congestion Charge, drivers could fork out more than £30

Drivers in and around London could soon be charged £4 per day to travel in the capital with the expected opening of two major tunnels.

Transport for London is aiming to open the Silvertown and Blackwall tunnel in 2025, with hopes of easing congestion and reducing delays.

The Blackwall Tunnel is one of the most popular crossings across the River Thames, with it currently being free for motorists to cross.

However, new charges could be brought in within the next two years which would require drivers to pay £4 to use both tunnels.

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New documents on Transport for London’s website suggest that the Blackwall and Silvertown Tunnels charge would apply between 6am and 10pm every day.

A host of new signs would be installed to warn drivers when they are one mile away from being charged and where the last exit is before they would be required to pay.

Drivers will be required to pay the charge online, hinting that physical barriers and tolls will not be installed.

Motorbikes will pay a maximum fee of £3, cars will pay £4 and other vehicles are expected to pay a maximum of £8.50.

Drivers could be charged for each crossing, meaning they would have to pay twice if they use the tunnel as part of their commute.

The TfL documents state that “the numerals indicating the charges may be varied as appropriate”.

These charges are still set to be confirmed, with many expecting confirmation of fees and tolls to be made closer to the launch of the scheme.

This could lead to some drivers paying more than £30 per day if it were to be introduced, with non-compliant cars paying the £12.50 Ultra Low Emission Zone fee and a further £15 for the Congestion Charge.

The Ulez was recently expanded to cover Greater London, with an estimated 700,000 additional vehicles likely to be charged if they drive on the capital’s road network.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has praised the expansion, saying it would help slash emissions in the capital and promote active transport methods.

Many have criticised the launch of the expansion, saying that the £160million scrappage scheme was not enough to support those with non-compliant petrol and diesel vehicles.

Some have suggested that the charges could be similar to the Dart Charge when travelling through the Dartford Crossing, with cars paying £2.50 and larger vehicles facing a £6 charge.

A spokesperson for TfL said: “In order to obtain necessary approvals for the new road signage required for the Silvertown tunnel, a submission for the potential signs has been made to the Department for Transport.

“No charges have been finalised yet and any times and costs within the submission are indicative to allow for approval to be obtained.


The entrance to Blackwall Tunnel

Drivers could be hit with a £4 charge to use either tunnel


“The final charges will be made ahead of the Silvertown tunnel opening in 2025 once further modelling, including assessments on concessions, are completed.”

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