The ideal distance to walk each day for 'effective' weight loss and to burn belly fat

The ideal distance to walk each day for 'effective' weight loss and to burn belly fat
Diana Moran takes the GB News panel through her morning exercise routine
Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 16/04/2024

- 10:39

Walking more is a great way to burn extra calories every day and experts shared how far you should go for weight loss results

A good diet and exercise regime are both important if trying to lose weight and burn fat.

Experts have weighed in on how many miles Britons should aim to walk every day if they are trying to slim down.

Walking is a low-intensity way to exercise, making it perfect for those who don't want to throw weights around in the gym.

Experts at answered some of the most searched questions including 'how much should I walk for weight loss'. This garners an average of 3,100 monthly searches, according to their research.

Woman in gym kit / men walking

Walking is a great way to burn calories


Hitting a daily target of 10,000 steps could be the ideal amount for good weight management, although this can vary from person to person.

Walking four to five miles a day should be accompanied by a healthy diet plan in order to achieve the best weight loss benefits.

The experts stated: "For effective weight loss through walking, a daily target of around 10,000 steps, which is about four to five miles, can be helpful.

"When combined with a healthy diet, this activity level can greatly help with weight control. Yet, individual fitness levels and health goals vary, so adjusting step count and intensity is important for personalized results." Research has shown walking more can also help burn belly fat.

Britons can get more steps day to day by adding a walk to their daily commute, taking the dog out more or visiting their nearby park.

The average person can burn more than 100 calories during a 30 minute stroll. This can increase depending on the speed of the walk and if you walk at a steeper incline.

Walking could be one of the best ways to burn belly fat, according to one study published in the National Library of Medicine. It looked at a small group of obese women who walked for 50 to 70 minutes, three times a week for a three month period.

The women found their overall body fat percentage dropped and visceral fat found around the abdominal area was significantly reduced.

Women walking

Walking can help weight loss


Lead scientist Katarina Borer said: "Our bodies use different fuels at different speeds. Go gently, and the difference in fat burning is dramatic.

“The first goal for many older women is to get rid of that extra fat we put on as our hormones change.

"For that, walking more moderately has advantages. Especially if you’re someone who hasn’t exercised much lately. It has to do with how much oxygen is needed to burn fat."

The expert suggested walking at a pace of around "6,000 steps in 50 to 55 minutes" could be the optimum speed for fat-burning.

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