The five best exercises to do at home to burn fat and get fit at any age - 'it's simple!'

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At-home exercises can help with weight loss

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 07/07/2024

- 14:27

Exercise will enhance weight loss effort and an expert has shared how to get a workout in at home

What we eat is one of the most important things when it comes to weight loss, but regular exercise has many benefits for our health and waistlines.

A fitness instructor has shared five moves anyone can do to help them lose weight and stay active without needing to leave the house.

"Space should never be a barrier to staying active and healthy," said yoga instructor at R1SE Jen Downham in collaboration with property experts Grainger plc.

She said you do not need a gym membership or workout equipment to complete her fat-burning full-body workout.

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You don't need weights to strength train


Best at-home workout

Chair Squats

Jen said: “Who says that bulky and expensive gym equipment is required for a beneficial workout? A simple chair in your apartment can be used for various exercises. Chair squats are perfect for strengthening your legs and core.

"Simply stand in front of the chair and lower yourself slowly until your glutes touch the chair and spring back up.

"If you want a challenge, try a chair squat hold, with your back against a wall or door. Bend your knees to 90 degrees and hold for a minute or more to feel some real fire in the legs.”

Chair Twists

“Another easy chair exercise is chair twists. Whilst seated, inhale and lift your arms, then exhale slowly and twist to your right-hand side," she explained.

"Inhale while coming back to the centre before repeating on the other side. This movement nourishes the spine and keeps it healthy and functional."

Wall push-ups

“All apartments have walls right? Wall push-ups aresimple yet perfect for improving upper body strength," the expert advised.

"Start by finding any free wall space and standing arm's length from the wall. Place your palms on the wall at shoulder height and perform push-ups." Push-ups can also be done on the ground on your feet or knees.


Jen said: “The plank is an excellent core strengthening exercise that can be done pretty much anywhere with many variations depending on the intensity desired.

"Begin in a tabletop position on your hands and knees, before lowering down to your forearms with your elbows stacked beneath your shoulders.

"Step your feet back until your body makes a straight line from shoulders to heels. To engage the abdominals, ensure you squeeze your core and think about pulling your belly button towards your sternum.


Woman doing plankA plank helps core stabilisationGETTY

“Or try plank jacks. Step alternate feet out to the side of your mat and for more intensity hop both feet wide and then back into a more central position.”

Mountain Climbers

“For mountain climbers, all you require is a small open floor space. Start in a classic plank pose and run the knees towards the chest one at a time, increasing the pace as you see fit," the expert added.

"This is a great cardiovascular exercise yet requires no significant movement across the room.”

A workout plan is best paired with a healthy diet and a doctor has shared five foods to eat every day to lose weight, as well as one to avoid.

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