Britons can lose weight with 'life-changing' diet tip that does not involve restriction - you don't have to skip dessert

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Losing weight does not have to mean ditching your favourite foods

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 08/04/2024

- 16:39

Slimmers should 'work in the foods they love' before constructing a diet plan

Embarking on a weight loss journey does not mean having to give up your favourite foods. In fact, one fat loss expert suggests factoring them into your diet plan.

Fitness and weight loss expert Cori Lefkowith from YouTube's Redefining Strength shared the fat loss tips she claimed "changed my life". Surprisingly, she told slimmers to ensure they eat their desired treats.

Britons who are trying to lose weight might decide that in order to see results, they must cut out goodies.

But Cori advised slimmers to "work in the foods you love first", adding, "for me this is dessert".

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'Avoid restriction': Cutting out particular ingredients and drastically decreasing calorie consumption is unrealistic long-term


​The expert explained: "Often the thing we love the most is the least healthy for us, so we cut it out first.

"But we need to do the opposite. We need to do the opposite and plan it in first to work everything else around it and create a lifestyle balance."

Cori told slimmers that when they deprive themselves of the foods they love, they "sabotage" their own goals.

While it may be possible to stay strong and avoid certain foods for a while, this is not sustainable, and you'll likely end up overdoing it once you do give in to cravings.

​In a similar vein, the expert warned slimmers to "avoid restriction". Cutting out particular ingredients and drastically decreasing calorie consumption is unrealistic long-term.

Making small, dedicated steps is much more effective if you want to stick to a plan, as you're more likely to follow it for longer.

The expert advised dieters to make "small swaps" in their everyday lives, knowing that these will "snowball" into greater effects. For example, switching white bread to brown bread can reap excellent results.

Cori reminded slimmers: "You are not an all-or-nothing person. Often we think if we can't do everything at once, there's no point in doing anything.

"Results don't happen because we're perfect, because we do more for a week. They happen because we stick with the minimum consistently day after day.

"Remember that small changes build, and the more we can ingrain one habit, the easier it becomes to replicate it on days we don't feel like it."


Cutting slices of brown bread

Dieters can make 'small swaps' in their everyday lives, for example switching from white bread to brown


Cori concluded: "So set some minimums you know you can hit so results can snowball."

In other weight loss news, a sleep consultant shared the bad sleeping habit that is linked to obesity.

While a bad sleep schedule could contribute to weight gain, the expert said that "research suggests that the more adequate one’s sleep duration, the greater the success of lifestyle interventions such as diet and exercise in tackling being overweight".

For those who are keen to implement exercise into their weight loss journey, the exercise that "burns more calories at rest" has been named.

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