'I'm a nutritionist and I recommend a fruity dessert if you want to lose weight - it really hits the spot'

'I'm a nutritionist and I recommend a fruity dessert if you want to lose weight - it really hits the spot'

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Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 25/05/2024

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Strawberries and homemade whipped cream may be the perfect dessert for your waistline

Dessert may not seem synonymous with weight loss, but there are certainly some sweet treats that won't curtail your goals.

A nutritionist shared the desserts she enjoys on a weekly basis that are weight-loss-friendly. She is a big fan of homemade whipped cream and strawberries as it's a low-calorie treat that satisfies sweet cravings.

Autumn Bates made the important distinction between the everyday sweet treats she enjoys and the desserts she reserves for special occasions.

She said: "The desserts that I'll occasionally have during the week I view as treats, foods that aren't necessarily refined but might have some sugar in them but it's not a really highly refined, highly processed food.

Toned female tummy / Woman eating strawberries and cream

A nutritionist shared the ideal dessert for people trying to slim down


"Then there are more celebratory and more rare occasion sort of desserts - like my birthday, for example. And on these rare occasions I might have something that does contain more refined food products like flour or sugar that I know will make me feel crummy the next day."

The nutritionist wouldn't tuck into desserts like cookies or cakes on a "consistent basis" - more for special occasions - and she would sooner enjoy a healthier homemade pudding.

Autumn's nutritious desserts are sweet and tasty, however, they don't spike her insulin levels or lead her into a spiral of sugar cravings.

Speaking about her go-to weight-loss-friendly dessert, the nutritionist said: "The dessert I use the most often is whipped cream and berries. I make my own whipped cream with regular heavy cream and a little bit of vanilla extract.

"I whip this up with a hand mixer and pair it with low-sugar fruit, usually strawberries and sometimes raspberries or blueberries.

Weight-loss-friendly desserts

  1. Strawberries and cream
  2. Homemade popcorn - with a little butter, olive oil and parmesan cheese
  3. Dark chocolate - just a couple of squares
  4. Homemade peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies - using peanut butter as the base as opposed to grains so the glycemic load is lower
  5. Dark chocolate-covered strawberries
  6. Cereal - grain-free granola with lots of nuts
  7. Healthier muffins - using chickpeas as the base for a low glycemic load
  8. Protein mug cakes
  9. Homemade strawberry jam and yoghurt - made with frozen strawberries, chia seeds and vanilla extract, no added sugar
  10. Cheese and homemade jam
  11. Protein hot chocolate
  12. Protein ice lollies
The protein-based desserts are made with a base of zero-sugar protein powder. Protein is a key player in creating muscle mass and also helps the body feel fuller for longer.

Strawberries are sweet and yummy whilst also being low in sugar


Britons looking to grow their own strawberries - delicious yet low-sugar and rich in anti-oxidants - a gardening expert shared the perfect beginner's method for growing the fruit.

While strawberries and homemade whipped cream make for a tasty yet nutritious dessert, slimmers have been told to avoid a popular high-calorie treat that's loaded with sugar.

What you eat is crucial if you want to lose weight, but how you eat may be just as important.

Britons have been told they can burn fat by doing the same thing at the start of each meal.

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