'It will get you in trouble quickly!' Slimmers told to avoid high-calorie treat if they want to lose weight - 'it's loaded with sugar'

'It will get you in trouble quickly!' Slimmers told to avoid high-calorie treat if they want to lose weight - 'it's loaded with sugar'

Burnham on proteins that support weight loss

Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 18/05/2024

- 13:53

Britons trying to lose weight should limit how much ice cream they tuck into

Britons who want to lose weight should up their water consumption and stock up on fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins.

It's also important to avoid processed foods that are high in saturated fat, salt and sugar. A physician and osteopathic doctor suggested that slimmers should stop eating ice cream for effective weight loss.

According to Erik Richardson D.O, slimmers should simply cut out certain foods if they want to achieve their weight loss goals. He shared the 10 foods people should "get rid of" for success.

When it comes to losing weight effectively, "exercise is important but only a small part of the picture". What it "really boils down to" is making the right diet choices for your body.

Woman trying to do up trousers / Woman eating ice cream

Britons can lose weight by ditching a popular dessert


The doctor said: "But no matter what eating plan you go with as you are trying to lose weight, there are certain foods we know are going to get you in trouble."

The weight loss expert suggested cutting down or ditching the ice cream. Dr Richardson admitted: "It's a guilty pleasure of mine but will get you in trouble quickly."

While there's "nothing better" than a bowl of ice cream, it's simply "not very healthy".

Ice cream may feel like a light snack or dessert but it's actually "super high in calories and loaded with sugar".

It's also very moreish and can be difficult to portion, meaning people often keep going back for more and more.

For those who can't quite kick their ice cream habit, making your own healthy ice cream is a great alternative to the shop-bought varieties.

The expert explained that this is because you can control the amount of sugar within it and use plenty of natural ingredients.

As for how to keep portions to a reasonable size, slimmers should use a small bowl rather than eat straight out of the tub.

Woman eating ice cream

Ice cream is 'super high in calories and loaded with sugar'


Alcohol is something many Britons enjoy with meals and in social situations, however, it is not beneficial for your waistline, the doctor explained.

He told slimmers: "We all know about the beer belly - and for good reason. Beer specifically is much like soda or other sugary drinks.

"It contains a lot of carbohydrates that will increase your blood sugar, which triggers the insulin response and will bring on that weight gain."

Those trying to lose weight should consider reducing their alcohol consumption or ditching it altogether.

Britons can also lose weight by eating more of the number one fruit. It can specifically target tummy fat.

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