Britons can lose weight fast by making daily swap at breakfast time - the morning staple you should 'avoid'

Britons can lose weight fast by making daily swap at breakfast time - the morning staple you should 'avoid'
Diana Moran takes the GB News panel through her morning exercise routine
Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 11/02/2024

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Weight loss experts shared the simple swap Britons can make every morning to lose weight

Weight loss guru Dr Michael Mosley developed The Fast 800, a diet plan comprising three pathways depending on an individual's goals.

Whether you want to kick-start weight loss "fast", gradually shed excess fat, or simply find a long-term way to maintain your weight and metabolic health, experts at The Fast 800 recommend making a particular food swap.

Many Britons reach for breakfast cereals as they are quick, convenient and often very yummy.

However, weight loss experts at The Fast 800 urged slimmers to "avoid" most of these.

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Woman eating a healthy breakfast

Weight loss experts recommended that Britons swap out their sugary cereal for a more nutritious option


The experts explained that breakfast cereals are "often laden with sugar". Many people habitually add extra sugar on top of this.

According to the weight loss gurus, rolled oats - not instant - are a "better choice".

This is because they contain more fibre. The experts stated that it's "vital to include high-fibre foods into your diet every single day".

A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine found that aiming to eat 30 grams of fibre each day can help aid weight loss, lower blood pressure and improve the body's response to insulin.

Rolled oats can be paired with fruits such as berries, apples and pears. Limit your intake of three particular fruits because they are sugary.

Top it with full-fat Greek yoghurt with a sprinkling of nuts on top. Nuts are excellent as part of a weight management or weight loss diet because they contain protein, minerals, vitamins and healthy fats, as well as being high in fibre.

But while rolled oats are a great choice for a slimmer's first meal of the day, the experts' top choice for breakfast is actually eggs.

Eating eggs, which are both low-calorie and protein-rich, is the best way to "start the day". They are versatile and can be paired with plenty of healthy, filling ingredients.

Poached eggs on toast

Eggs, whether they are poached, scrambled or made into an omelette, will keep you feeling fuller for longer


The experts stated: "Boiled, poached, scrambled or as an omelette - they'll keep you feeling fuller for longer compared to cereal or toast.

"Delicious with greens and parmesan or smoked salmon and a sprinkle of chilli." Salmon is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein.

In addition to eating a healthy, weight-loss-friendly breakfast of rolled oats or eggs, slimmers should be mindful of what they on snacking on throughout the day.

While eating between meals is not ideal, some snacks are more conducive to weight loss than others.

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