Lose weight by eating easy breakfast that 'keeps the body in a state of fat burning'

Lose weight by eating easy breakfast that 'keeps the body in a state of fat burning'
Diana Moran takes the GB News panel through her morning exercise routine
Anna Barry

By Anna Barry

Published: 03/03/2024

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Fruit and yoghurt could be less conducive to weight loss than you might think

Maintaining a nutritious diet is essential for those on a weight loss journey, and a healthy breakfast is a key component of this.

Dr Becky Gillaspy, who has worked as a health consultant and currently helps people reach their health and weight loss goals, said that a protein and fat combo is a great choice.

The expert mentioned three popular breakfasts - bacon and eggs, a bagel and cream cheese, and fruit and yoghurt - telling slimmers that the most weight loss friendly option might surprise them.

She explained that a portion of bacon and eggs will "keep your body in a state of fat burning", while the other options "encourage the body to make fat".

Woman cracking an egg/Woman with toned stomach

An egg-based breakfast could be the secret to burning fat


"With bacon and eggs, what we have here is protein and fat with very little carbohydrates," she told her YouTube channel Dr. Becky Gillaspy.

"This breakfast is going to digest slowly and it is not going to spike insulin."

The expert explained that when insulin stays low, the body is not storing fat. Rather, fat can be released from fat cells in the body.

She continued: "A breakfast that contains some fat and some protein is going to help you extend the low insulin, fat burning state that your body naturally falls into thanks to the fact you fasted overnight."

While bacon does contain saturated fat, the expert explained that lipogenesis (one of the main ways the body makes fat) is stimulated by a high carbohydrate diet rather than fat.

As for fruit and yoghurt, or a bagel and cream cheese, these may not be as conducive to weight loss as we may think.

The expert revealed that she wouldn't usually recommend yoghurt because it is so hard to find a variety that isn't "filled with sugar".

Adding fruit can also be problematic for those who have a weight problem, the expert claimed. She explained that fruit contains a natural sugar called fructose which is processed by the liver, which turns the fructose into fat.

This isn't a problem for those with a fast metabolism, however, for those who struggle with their weight - and may have a problem with their metabolism such as insulin resistance - fat release is blocked.

She explained that eating a yoghurt laden with sugar can spike insulin, then the fruit is converted to fat in the liver - "and fat burning is not happening".

Bacon and scrambled eggs

'This breakfast is going to digest slowly and it is not going to spike insulin'


If you are a yoghurt fan on a weight loss mission, the expert recommended finding a full-fat yoghurt with no added sugar, topped with chia or sunflower seeds.

Dr Gillaspy continued: "Bagels have a reputation for being healthy that they do not deserve."

She explained that they are refined grains that have a high glycemic index, meaning they spike insulin - "the fat storing hormone".

Adding cream cheese to this, which is "mostly fat", creates a "recipe for disaster", the weight loss guru claimed. She also explained that this breakfast will not keep you feeling full.

For those who want to incorporate exercise into their weight loss routine, Britons can add an arm movement to a simple exercise to stay fit and burn more calories.

Weight gain is a common symptom of menopause for many women. A menopause coach revealed that women in their 40s and 50s can lose weight by avoiding a carbohydrate.

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