OJ Simpson's Ford Bronco from infamous police chase set for auction with $1.5million price tag

OJ Simpson's Ford Bronco from infamous police chase set for auction with $1.5million price tag

WATCH: OJ Simpson dies aged 76

Felix Reeves

By Felix Reeves

Published: 18/04/2024

- 12:38

The most recent offer for the Bronco was for $750,000 (£601,000)

One of the most notorious cars in history could be up for auction in the coming months, as OJ Simpson's Ford Bronco could hit the market soon.

Following the death of the 76-year-old last week, the owners of the white Ford Bronco used in the 1994 police chase in Los Angeles could go under the hammer.

Michael Gilbert, OJ Simpson's former agent, and two friends of Al Cowlings, the original owner, are the current owners and have spoken on their intention to sell.

With interest in the former American football player at an all-time high following his death, the owners may be looking to listen to offers.

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OJ Simpson and his Ford Bronco

The owners are expecting to receive $1.5million for the sale


Gilbert said: “Before OJ passed, we had always thought this was going to be the year we were going to sell because it’s the 30th anniversary.

“Who knows if we are all going to be around for the 35th or the 40th?,” they told Cllct.

The three owners said the last offer they received for the iconic vehicle was for $750,000 (£601,000), with the trio looking for a public or private offer of at least $1.5million (£1.2million).

The Ford Bronco was one part of the long-running saga involving OJ Simpson's arrest on suspicion of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.

Almost 100 million people watched the chase on live TV, which saw "The Juice" take the police on a 60-mile chase across Los Angeles before he was arrested at his Brentwood home.

The unprecedented police chase even saw news networks interrupt the NBA Finals between the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets.

The Ford Bronco has been moved around the country since the former NFL star was found not guilty of the murders, being parked in a Los Angeles garage for 17 years before being moved to Vegas to support a new sports museum.

Most recently, it was housed at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

OJ Simpson's infamous Ford Bronco

The police chase lasted 60 miles across Los Angeles


It was held alongside John Dillinger's 1933 Essex Terraplane, Ted Bundy's 1968 Volkswagen Beetle and the car used in the 1967 Bonnie and Clyde film.

Gilbert spoke about the recent use of the car, saying: "This guy asked me, 'How often do you get asked if that's O.J.'s Bronco?'

"After he helped me jump it, I told him that it was, in fact, the white Ford Bronco from the freeway chase.

"I Googled and brought up the famous pictures of the Bronco zoomed in and compared the license plates. He was shocked."


OJ Simpson's infamous Ford Bronco

The police chase was watched by almost 100 million people


There are only three Ford Bronco vehicles available to purchase on Auto Trader, ranging from £55,000 to £75,000.

The 24-plate Ford Bronco Wildtrak has just 101 miles on the clock and is expected to be in the UK at some point this month.

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