Drivers warned of cars breaking down after using 'contaminated' fuel at Morrisons petrol station

Drivers warned of cars breaking down after using 'contaminated' fuel at Morrisons petrol station

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Hemma Visavadia

By Hemma Visavadia

Published: 22/02/2024

- 14:02

The impacted petrol tank has since been closed to drivers

Customers who visited a Morrisons filling station in Bristol to refuel may have used contaminated petrol, causing their vehicles to lose power shortly after.

Many local residents claimed the fuel from the Hartcliffe site was contaminated meaning anyone who filled up on Sunday, February 18, may have risked damage to their vehicle.

Some angry shoppers who had filled up their tanks were left stranded as vehicles were forced to seek refuge at the garage, with reports that a few drivers needed to be towed home.

While the official reason for the fuel failure has not been announced, it has not stopped residents from speculating, although the supermarket giant has confirmed that it is investigating the problem.

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Morrisons had contaminated fuel on Sunday

One social media user claimed they had wasted £50 worth of petrol


Taking their frustrations to social media, one user who was affected, said: “I had three quarters of a tank so I thought I would top it up.

“I managed to get home but the car started to lose engine power when I went back to my car after getting home it wouldn't start, it’s now at the garage being sorted. RAC guy told me he thought it was contaminated fuel.”

Another user shared their annoyance after wasting £50 worth of petrol.

They commented: “I now have a two tonne ornament on my driveway, I had to get towed home, thought I did something wrong.”

A Morrisons spokesperson told GB News: "The petrol tank at our Hartcliffe filling station was closed at midday on Sunday, February 18, following reports of a handful of vehicles breaking down.

“While we are currently investigating, any customers who experienced any issues should contact the store directly.

“The petrol tank currently remains closed but customers wishing to purchase diesel and super unleaded are able to still do so."

Morrisons is the latest supermarket to have a fuel-related problem, with Sainsbury’s having a similar issue earlier this month.

The supermarket brand apologised to drivers after a number of people had their vehicles break down after leaving a petrol station forecourt in Wiltshire.

Drivers saw their cars break down shortly after refueling with unleaded petrol at the supermarket filling station in Chippenham.

Speaking at the time, a spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: “We have received a small number of complaints from customers who used the unleaded pumps at our Chippenham petrol filling station on Wednesday afternoon.

“Unleaded petrol is unavailable while we investigate and we continue to offer diesel and super unleaded.”


Contaminated fuel left drivers stranded

Morrisons confirmed that it is investigating the issue


Fuel prices have currently been on the rise with unleaded rising by 3.2p from 140p which was recorded on January 29 to 143.4p on February 18.

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