Drivers could save £200 a month by parking on someone else's rented driveway rather than a car park

Drivers could save £200 a month by parking on someone else's rented driveway rather than a car park

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Hemma Visavadia

By Hemma Visavadia

Published: 20/02/2024

- 09:29

The highest savings were recorded at Manchester Piccadilly Station

Drivers can save up to £200 by parking on rented driveways near their nearest rail station instead of buying monthly season parking tickets which are more costly.

Commuters who may want to save a few extra pounds on travel can rent an empty driveway within close proximity of their station for less money than using the expensive car parking spaces.

By taking advantage of the empty car spaces, drivers who need to commute by train, can see average savings of £108 a month.

The highest savings were recorded at Manchester Piccadilly Station, with a monthly car parking ticket advertised at £290.

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street car parking space

Drivers can save up to £200 by renting out driveways


This compares to a car park within a 10-minute walk of the station which is priced at £78.75, representing a £211.25 difference.

Brannan Coady, CEO of YourParkingSpace, said: “At half of the stations we looked at, commuters can at least make savings of over £100 a month, which is a staggering amount.

“Every year, rail commuters have to face an increase in fares, but the last couple of years have been especially challenging for them with all the disruptions they’ve had to face.”

Similarly, commuters in the west of England could save up to £205 if they switched their monthly car parking rental spot to a space near Bristol Temple Meads Station.

Those travelling from Newcastle Station can also make savings of £178 on average by parking slightly further away than the car park.

While renting out residential car parking spots could be cheaper for commuters, it also is an easy way for locals to earn money from their empty driveways.

Coady added: “We had over 17 million searches for a parking spot within a 10-minute walking distance of the 10 most popular commuter stations in 2023.

“Renting out your driveway or parking space to someone who will primarily use it when you’re at work yourself is an easy way to make some extra money.”

Commuters who acknowledge the high fares for parking have already begun searching social media to find car parking spots as demand for spaces grows.

Local residents in Newport, Wales, have flagged the need for more spaces as commuters who take up the majority of available parking near transport links leave their cars there all day.

One commuter said: “In terms of long stay [at Newport] this seems to be a mix of residential parking and commuter parking to the catch buses.

“Why not explore where the commuters are heading? If this is indeed to Telford and Stafford work with the local public transport infrastructure and see what can collectively be done to provide an out of town car park.


Manchester Piccadilly station

Monthly car parking ticket advertised at £290 at Manchester Piccadilly


“Surely in the long term that would be profitable for the transport companies and help show them working with the local community.”

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