British car brand unveils revolutionary electric vehicle charger - ‘Pushes the boundaries’

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The fast charger can deliver 450kW of peak power

Hemma Visavadia

By Hemma Visavadia

Published: 18/06/2024

- 19:04

EV charger is set to arrive in the UK later this year

A revolutionary electric vehicle charger has been unveiled by a popular car brand and is set to shake up the industry.

British car brand Lotus has announced that its latest EV, the Emeya, benefits from having one of the fastest charging times for an electric vehicle.

The car uses a DC fast charger and can go from 10 to 80 per cent in just 14 minutes when tethered to a 400kW charging outlet.

The car uses a cell-to-pack battery structure which allows 20 per cent more cells to be stored without increasing the size of the vehicle.

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The charger is expected to arrive later this year


Qingfeng Feng, CEO of Lotus Group said: “With our industry-leading charging technology available today, Emeya pushes the boundaries for how an EV performs, providing drivers with the confidence to travel anywhere.

“We’re bringing an unrivalled driving experience in the ultimate grand tourer package, so drivers want to go electric.”

Lotus is also developing its own app, charging card, and fast charger that can deliver 450kW of peak power.

The charging card will allow customers to gain access to the charging network and keep track of their charging history, manage costs and monitor the battery status remotely.

The Emeya is expected to arrive later this year and will be the first electric car to join the Lotus line-up.

The carmaker is also partnering with Bosch and Mobilize to provide consumers with “easy-to-use” and reliable chargers.

Through the Bosch charging network, Lotus owners have access to more than 600,000 public chargers across 30 European countries including UK, Germany and France.

The car also uses intelligent EV routing to help drivers locate nearby public chargers to help reduce range anxiety and can also help cut travel times.

The need for faster chargers has been an issue raised by many drivers, who have flagged their concern over the lengthy time it takes to power a car.

Drivers also expressed their upset and frustration with the lack of on-street electric vehicle charging areas with motorists calling on the Government to intervene.

Research by car maker Vauxhall found that only 10 per cent of drivers were happy with the number of on-street charging points.

Recent figures found that in London it holds up to 60 per cent of the UK’s on-street chargers with wider regions falling behind.


Lotus car

The car also uses intelligent EV routing to help drivers locate nearby public chargers


Despite the Government adding nearly 60,000 charge points across the UK, drivers have demanded for there to be more targeted support for on-street parking.

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