Health warning: The UK areas most at risk of catching contagious whooping cough as cases spike - full list

Woman coughing

The UK areas most at risk of catching whooping cough have been shared

Sarra Gray

By Sarra Gray

Published: 05/12/2023

- 12:15

More than 50 cases of the contagious illness have been discovered in the last week

Whooping cough is a serious infection that can bring on intense coughing bouts and difficulties breathing.

It can spread very easily and an increased number of cases have been reported across the UK.

There were a total of 52 cases found in England and Wales according to the most recent Government data.

This looked at the number of cases in the week ending November 26, 2023.

Woman coughing

It can cause a constant cough


UK areas with the most cases

South East - 11 cases

North West - nine cases

West Midlands - nine cases

Yorkshire & the Humber - six cases

Surrey - six cases

London - six cases

North East - four cases

Greater Manchester - four cases

Hampshire - four cases

Outer London - three cases

Merseyside - three cases

West Yorkshire - three cases

South Yorkshire - two cases

County Durham Unitary Authority - two cases

Northumberland Unitary Authority - one case

Cheshire West and Chester Unitary Authority - one case

Medway Unitary Authority - one case

East of England - one case

Hertfordshire - one case

Warwickshire - one case

​Whooping cough cases increased in July and November this year compared to 2022, and Britons are warned to watch out for the illness.

It is called whooping cough as those who have it will often make a "whoop" sound while gasping for air between coughs.

They may bring up a thick mucus that can lead to vomiting, NHS reports.

Symptoms can last for weeks or even months and can be serious, especially in younger children.

Child ill

Cases are more common in children


It is most common in children but can affect adults of any age.

Hospital treatment is recommended in severe cases and for babies under six months with the infection.

Home treatment can be effective when symptoms are milder, and Britons are urged to get plenty of rest and drink fluids.

It is extremely contagious and Britons are most at risk of spreading the illness in the first three weeks of being ill.

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