Now woke academics tell Britons to ban CAKE from the office claiming it's as bad as passive smoking

Woke academics are telling Brits that cake should be banned from the office, claiming it is as bad as passive smoking.
Woke academics are telling Brits that cake should be banned from the office, claiming it is as bad as passive smoking.
George McMillan

By George McMillan

Published: 18/01/2023

- 11:30

Updated: 14/02/2023

- 10:22

A professor has called on Brits to create a better environment to help others lose weight

Woke academics are telling Britons that cake should be banned from the office, claiming it is as bad as passive smoking.

Chairwoman of the Food Standards Agency Professor Susan Jebb urged doctors to address patients’ weight if they are not healthy and offer diet help to them, claiming those in healthcare “mostly ignore it”.

File photo dated 28/07/10 of an overweight man. Leaders of 70 health organisations have signed an open letter expressing %22profound concern%22 about rumoured reversals to obesity policies. The letter from the Obesity Health Alliance, signed by organisations including the British Medical Association (BMA), British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK, urges Prime Minister Liz Truss to %22reconsider any plans to weaken the public health measures%22 to tackle junk food. Issue date: Thursday September 22, 2022.
The professor said people should created a "supportive environment" to help other lose weight.
Dominic Lipinski

Elsewhere, she called on people to create a “supportive environment” to help others lose weight, lambasting junk food companies advertising on TV.

Professor Jebb appeared to claim that if fruit and veg was advertised as much as junk food they would be more popular, saying that it is only because the junk food companieshave more money so have more influence on the market.

Jebb: “The businesses with the most money have the biggest influence on people’s behaviour. That’s not fair…we’ve ended up with a complete market failure, because what you get advertised is chocolate and not cauliflower.”

She also said that people should not bring cake into the office, suggesting people were unable to resist eating it if they are in the same vicinity.

PICTURE POSED BY A MODEL File photo dated 12/03/13 of a man smoking a cigarette. The sale of cigarettes could be phased out under Labour proposals to improve public health and ease the pressure on the NHS. Shadow health secretary Wes Streeting said the party will consult on a package of measures, including a New Zealand-style gradual ban on tobacco. Issue date: Sunday January 8, 2023.
Professor Susan Jebb appeared to suggest eating cake was as bad as passive smoking.
Jonathan Brady

Speaking to The Times, she said: “We all like to think we’re rational, intelligent, educated people who make informed choices the whole time and we undervalue the impact of the environment,

“If nobody brought in cakes into the office, I would not eat cakes in the day, but because people do bring cakes in, I eat them. Now, okay, I have made a choice, but people were making a choice to go into a smoky pub.”

She continued: “With smoking, after a very long time, we have got to a place where we understand that individuals have to make some effort but that we can make their efforts more successful by having a supportive environment. But we still don’t feel like that about food.”

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