Steve Wright underwent heart bypass months before death as friend states DJ was ‘more ill than he let on’

Steve Wright underwent heart bypass months before death as friend states DJ was ‘more ill than he let on’

BBC blasted for just 'dumping' Steve Wright

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 18/02/2024

- 16:34

Updated: 18/02/2024

- 22:04

The 69-year-old's death was announced by his family on Tuesday

The late Steve Wright’s death came as a shock to the nation last week after it was announced by his family, but a friend has now claimed the popular DJ had been hiding medical issues.

Police told GB News the former BBC star’s death was “unexpected but not being treated as suspicious” after confirming they'd been called to the 69-year-old's London home on Monday.

Wright, who was famed for being a veteran radio presenter, was found dead in his London flat earlier this week, with his family announcing the news on Tuesday.

However, his friend Mark Wells, former boss of ITV Entertainment, has revealed Wright had been “more ill than he let on”.

Speaking on Colin Edmonds’ podcast, Behind the Scenes, about his late friend, he explained: “Steve had a heart operation about 15 months ago.

"He had a bypass operation that had gone well... and I think he was more ill than he was letting on.

Steve Wright

Wright's close friend has revealed he was 'more ill than he was letting on'


“The recovery had gone pretty well but the events of the last couple of days was probably what in the end came for him."

Wright’s brother Laurence gave similar comments following his death as he detailed his brother’s poor health.

He stated Wright was "aware that he could have looked after himself better, in his lifestyle choices".

He continued: "Obviously we all wish he had. It's like anyone who doesn't look after themselves over an extended period.

Steve Wright

Wright's death sparked a flurry of tribute from fellow stars and fans


"The normal stuff - diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress - he was a very stoic kind of guy as well so if he had something wrong with him and he had to go to have some treatment or go to the doctors, he wouldn't talk about it."

Speaking to MailOnline, he added: "That's just how he was - that probably didn't help really, because he wouldn't have help or take advice necessarily."

Elsewhere, Wright’s son Tom shared earlier this week that he had flown from Los Angeles to London to be with his dad before his death.

In a poignant social media post, he wrote: "It meant the world to me that I was able to get to know my Dad in a way I never had in the months before he died.

Steve Wright

Wright's cause of death has not been disclosed


"I will cherish every moment we shared and every memory we made. I only hope to make him proud and build on his legacy with kindness and love. This made every struggle worthwhile to have had this time with him before we lost him."

Meanwhile, the radio host's publicist Gary Farrow unleashed a savage take on the BBC's axing of Wright two years ago.

The late DJ had lost his popular primetime slot on Radio 2 as part of the corporation's shake-up to its roster at the time.

Speaking to The Sun, Farrow stated: "Steve lived for that show, he absolutely loved it - and the listeners loved him. My view is that he died from a broken heart."

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