Richard Rankin 'made the job so great' as BBC Rebus co-star pays tribute to actor ahead of premiere

Richard Rankin 'made the job so great' as BBC Rebus co-star pays tribute to actor ahead of premiere

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 18/05/2024

- 08:00

The Outlander star is the new face of Ian Rankin's bestselling crime novels

Richard Rankin has been lauded by his Rebus co-stars ahead of the series premiere on BBC One after being tasked with bringing the iconic detective to life.

Based on author Ian Rankin's bestselling series of novels, Rankin leads a star-studded cast in delivering writer Gregory Burke's script to audiences.

The Scottish actor, 41, has starred in several BBC dramas before Rebus, including From Darkness, Thirteen, Trust Me and The Last Kingdom.

However, in recent years, he's arguably best known for starring opposite Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe in the globally successful Starz series, Outlander.

Despite becoming a big name on the global stage in recent years, Rankin has been applauded for his down-to-earth and cheeky manner while filming on the set of Rebus.

And Lucie Shorthouse, who plays Detective Constable Siobhan Clarke in Rebus, is someone who can attest to that fact as she was full of praise for her co-star ahead of its debut.

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin's Rebus works closely with Lucie Shorthouse's Detective Constable Siobhan Clarke


"He’s just great and we’re both clowns on set," Shorthouse told the BBC prior to Rebus' arrival on BBC One and BBC Scotland.

She delved further: "What’s really good about Richard is that he can be so silly off camera, then when the camera is switched on, straightaway, he can just absolutely get into it and be fantastic.

"He’s really fun to be around, really charismatic, and a great leader as well.

"As you're making it, a certain approach comes from the top, and I think Richard’s attitude filtered down, and that's what made the job so great."

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin plays the titular role


Continuing her tribute to the Rebus leading man, she added: "That was largely down to him setting a precedent for everybody. Richard is also really open to trying new things.

"I couldn't have asked for a better on-screen partner, we just got on very easily. I can't wait for people to see him in this role."

Rankin himself was also full of praise for his cast mates ahead of the show's BBC One premiere on Saturday - a cast that includes the likes of Brian Ferguson, Amy Manson and Stuart Bowman.

Also talking to the BBC, he said: "I hope people take out of it what we put in.

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin and Lucie Shorthouse

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin and Lucie Shorthouse in the new BBC drama


"The entire ensemble of cast and crew are immensely talented individuals who all brought their A-game to the series. I think that really shows.

"I hope audiences will develop an appetite for more, so that we can bring another series their way further down the line.

"I really hope that people will fall in love with Rebus in the same way that we have."

Rebus kicks off on BBC One on Saturday and all episodes will be available to stream on iPlayer too.

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