Richard Ayoade falls victim to cancel culture mob over review of Graham Linehan memoir

Richard Ayoade

Richard Ayoade has faced calls to be cancelled after reviewing Graham Linehan's memoir

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 14/09/2023

- 15:34

The IT Crowd star has come under fire from trans activists on social media

Richard Ayoade - along with Jonathan Ross - have become the latest stars to face the furore of trans activists.

The uproar sparked by the duo stems from the fact they - along with a series of other comics - decided to review a book authored by outspoken comedy writer, Graham Linehan.

Linehan has long been targeted by trans activists for his views and even had his Edinburgh Fringe shows cancelled by venues following attacks by online mobs.

The Father Ted creator has decided to put his real-life experience of falling victim to cancel culture onto paper with the release of his upcoming book, Tough Crowd.

Linehan announced the news of his book on social media on Wednesday evening and the front cover features reviews from both Ayoade and Ross.

"A must-read book - funny and utterly compelling," Ross' verdict read while Ayoade penned: "His brilliance in prose is equal to his brilliance as a screenwriter."

\u200bGraham Linehan

Father Ted creator Graham Linehan is releasing a new memoir based on his experience of being cancelled


Images of the book's front cover were soon banded among activists online after being ripped apart by mobs who've condemned the TV personalities' decision to critique Linehan's work.

One example of the outrage came from a Twitter user who fumed: "Huh, I guess Richard Ayoade can go on the list of people who I used to like but now think are t***s. Long list. Long f***ing list."

A second hit out: "Richard ayoade and jonathan ross both aligning themselves with a transphobe. just f***ing kill me honestly."

While a third account penned: "LGBTQ+ fans have been shocked and disappointed to discover that along with the usual collection of well-known transphobes, Graham 'Glinner' Linehan's new book contains an endorsement from Richard Ayoade.

"Ayoade has not publicly endorsed transphobic or anti-LGBTQ+ bigotry before."

And a fourth raged: "This is genuinely so so upsetting for many people, including myself. many ayoade fans are queer, his weirdness and awkward screen presence are such a lifeline for people who think they too, are weird and different.

"Also f*** Jonathan Ross too but not surprised," the outraged social media user concluded.

Despite the vitriol spewed by those angered online, others did rush to support the IT Crowd star, with one person arguing: "So many people saying Richard Ayoade is a bad man.

"I see someone who has supported his friend when so many did not, put himself in the firing line, and not gone missing when he easily could have. It's beyond time to remember that friendship isn't endorsement, but friendship. I see anything but a bad man."

While a second echoed: "All the gender cult lunatics getting sad about Richard Ayoade's glowing review of @Glinner's book has really made me want to buy it, so I think I will." (sic)

Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross joined Ayoade in online critics' firing lines


Linehan himself has been vocal on the social media platform since announcing the news of his book, responding to both the backlash he's enduring and the praise coming his way in equal measure.

He even decided to poke fun at the uproar activists on Twitter are levelling at Ayoade and others who'd reviewed Tough Crowd.

"Trans activists right now #toughcrowd," Linehan wrote alongside an image of Dougal and Ted from Father Ted taking part in an unsuccessful protest.

His memoir is set to hit shelves on October 12.

A representative for Ayoade declined to comment when contacted by GB News.

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