Michael Mosley: Possible disappearance theory 'doesn't make much sense' as Diamond wades in on search

Michael Mosley: Possible disappearance theory 'doesn't make much sense' as Diamond wades in on search

WATCH HERE: Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon discuss latest search for Michael Mosley

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 08/06/2024

- 09:19

Updated: 08/06/2024

- 10:16

The search for the TV doctor resumed early on Saturday morning

GB News presenter Anne Diamond has shared her thoughts on one of the working theories surrounding the disappearance of TV doctor, Michael Mosley, admitting it "doesn't make much sense".

A search operation on the Greek island of Symi has resumed on Saturday morning after the 67-year-old was reported missing after heading on a coastal walk on Wednesday afternoon.

In the days since, local authorities have ramped up their search, with drones, helicopters and all manner of measures being rolled out to try and find Mosley - including his children flying out to assist.

Several working theories have been made public by public figures too, with the local mayor suggesting there were fears Mosley may have been "swept into the sea".

Journalist Iliana Magra spoke to Diamond and Stephen Dixon on Saturday morning live from Athens to deliver the latest developments in the case.

She told the GB News hosts: "So the search has restarted again today at 6am local time after having stopped last night at dusk.

Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon

Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon spoke to a Greek journalist about the Michael Mosley search


"It's as you said a major search operation - the police are involved, the fire service are involved, there are volunteer search groups involved, dogs, drones, helicopters etc.

"The very strange and worrying thing is that - obviously, the authorities aren't talking - (but) even the mayor and local residents of this very small island which has a population of about 2,500 residents do not understand what might have happened.

"It's a small island and what they're saying is that a person doesn't just disappear that easily.

"The authorities are now focussing on a different path that he might have taken so he left the beach at 1:30pm on Wednesday, then he was seen at Pedi which is a village on Symi island. He was around there at 2pm.

Dr Michael Mosley

Dr Michael Mosley has appeared on a number of UK TV shows


"Then we don't know where he went," Magra admitted. "Now they're searching a different path he may have taken through a mountainous area so the search area is focusing there so hopefully we'll have news and hopefully we'll have good news soon."

Diamond then weighed into the conversation to share her thoughts on the case.

"Hopefully it will be good news but he has been missing a long time now and that in itself is a worry," she began before touching upon a possible outcome: "Unless he's found shelter somewhere."

However, Diamond quickly conceded that that theory "doesn't make very much sense now" before continuing: "It's just so weird that he hasn't been found and there's been no trace of him or people haven't bumped into him.

"It's odd, it's just been so silent," Diamond added to which Magra agreed: "It's just so strange which is why everyone on the island is just so bewildered by it.

"People have a lot of theories, all sort of theories, but they just cannot find a logical solution to what happened. He was wearing trainers, sunglasses, a hat, he had an umbrella, he walked through a residential area so even if he was feeling dizzy or something he could've asked for a glass of water before taking on this different path.

Michael Mosley: Anne Diamond

Michael Mosley: Anne Diamond weighed in on the missing doctor search on Saturday


"It's completely strange and people cannot wrap their heads around it. The residents are saying this is the first thing of its sort to happen on the island."

Diamond and Dixon bid Magra farewell before the former signed off: "We hope for a positive outcome, it's just really difficult to think what that could be.

"But we certainly hope for it, he's quite the character."

CCTV footage emerged on Friday showing Mosley just 30 minutes before he is believed to have disappeared.

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