Lee Anderson replies to Dan Walker as ex-BBC star is subjected to woke ‘bile’

Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson and Dan Walker were subject to abuse

Ben Chapman

By Ben Chapman

Published: 30/08/2023

- 22:05

Updated: 31/08/2023

- 14:02

The GB News star sat down with Walker for an interview

GB News star Lee Anderson has told Dan Walker “welcome to my world” amid the furore surrounding the pair’s meeting.

The presenter of Real World was interviewed by the former BBC Breakfast star in a discussion that Anderson described as “fair”.

Despite the pair’s amicable meeting, woke trolls took exception to Walker’s decision to join Anderson in his Ashfield constituency, with the former branding the uproar “bonkers”.

“I got on really well with Dan surprisingly enough”, Anderson said on GB News.


“I would say to Dan, welcome to my world. This is a daily occurrence, the Be Kind brigade.

“If you disagree with anything they say, they’re immediately on social media with vile language. They threaten and intimidate you.

“When you click on the profiles of these nutters, it’s a Corbyn picture or a ‘F*** the Tories’ slogan.”

Asked by Dan Wootton as to whether the interview was fair, he said “about 20 people” in his constituency are likely to watch it in a jibe towards Channel 5.

He said: “I think it was a fair interview. To be honest, I’ve done interviews before where they’ve altered things to try and make me look stupid.

“I think it was fair, but I’m not sure how many people watch Channel 5, probably about 20 in Ashfield.”

Lee Anderson and Dan Walker

Lee Anderson and Dan Walker sat down for a new interview


Dan Walker took issue with the trolls earlier today, dubbing the furore “bonkers”.

He added: “The bile surrounding the post is bonkers.

“He’s the deputy chair of the ruling party! The whole point of our ‘People Behind Politics’ series is that we talk to MPs of all persuasions.

"The insults & threats on here are saturated in the prejudice the authors claim to detest," he added.

Walker was speaking to Anderson for Channel 5 News, and Anderson will return to GB News on Friday evening for Lee Anderson’s Real World.

Walker joined Channel 5 last year after ending 18 years of BBC service.

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