Jeremy Clarkson unveils Pepper the Cow U-turn as beloved pet returns to Clarkson's Farm with surprise new addition

Jeremy Clarkson unveils Pepper the Cow U-turn as beloved pet returns to Clarkson's Farm with surprise new addition

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 10/05/2024

- 04:00

The season three finale of Clarkson's Farm saw a reunion nobody expected - SPOILERS AHEAD

There was cause for celebration in the Clarkson's Farm season three finale as Jeremy Clarkson and Lisa Hogan revealed their pet cow Pepper wasn't sent to the slaughterhouse.

Earlier in the series, Clarkson's Farm fans were left in tears after Clarkson and land agent Charlie Ireland heavily suggested Pepper was being sent to the abattoir following the council's closure of Diddly Squat's restaurant.

Pepper and a dozen or so other cows had to be shipped away after the restaurant closed its doors as Clarkson admitted he couldn't afford to keep them without having the outlet to sell the beef.

But it appears that off-camera, Pepper hadn't been heading for the slaughterhouse and instead was taxied off to her former owner and cow farmer, Tim.

Clarkson revealed all in the final episode of season three as he told Amazon viewers he'd decided to "spring a nice surprise" on Lisa.

"So on a nice sunny day, I drove us over to see Tim, the cow farmer," Clarkson revealed before he and Hogan left the car and began walking towards the farm.

Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson and Charlie Ireland had led viewers to believe Pepper had been killed


"I like a little bit of a run out," Hogan commented as she followed Clarkson before letting out a huge gasp at the sight in front of her: "No!"

"Pepper!" an excitable Clarkson replied to which an emotional Hogan said: "Awww, no way! Of course it is, look at her little face!"

Clarkson revealed the surprises weren't finished there as he went on: "We haven't seen her for a year. And the really big surprise...

"That is Pepper's calf. Pepper got pregnant, this is Pepper's calf," Clarkson added as an adorable baby bovine leapt into shot.

Lisa Hogan

Lisa Hogan had developed a strong bond with the cows at Diddly Squat


Hogan was overwhelmed as she said: "You are the cutest little thing. Look at the little diddly Pepper! Pepper, well done, you look fantastic as well."

Later, Clarkson explained why Pepper survived: "So when I said to Charlie, 'What will happen to Pepper?' You know, when all the mothers (were being sent away), he said, 'I wouldn't ask questions that you don't wanna hear the answer to.'

"Imagine my surprise when nine months later," Clarkson added before gesturing at the young calf

"That's the best surprise you could've given me," an overjoyed Hogan said to her other half.

Moments later, farmer Tim joined Clarkson and Hogan to explain how Pepper was getting on since leaving Diddly Squat.

Tim revealed it was "the same bull that was at yours" that managed to impregnate Pepper - "Breakheart Maestro".

Clarkson's Farm: Jeremy Clarkson

Clarkson's Farm: Jeremy Clarkson didn't kill Pepper the Cow after all


Tim then confessed that it only took Pepper a month at his farm to fall pregnant following Clarkson and Hogan's numerous attempts at Diddly Squat.

"She didn't like Oxfordshire," Tim quipped as Clarkson laughed along and replied: "She's (had to) move back here to Northamptonshire!"

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