Jeremy Clarkson left shaken in heart-stopping scene as Clarkson's Farm's Kaleb Cooper injured following equipment accident

Jeremy Clarkson left shaken in heart-stopping scene as Clarkson's Farm's Kaleb Cooper injured following equipment accident

WATCH HERE: Clarkson's Farm series three trailer as show returns to Prime

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 19/04/2024

- 09:57

The 64-year-old was visibly concerned in the teaser clip for the new series

Clarkson’s Farm fans are delighted to be edging closer to the launch of series three, with the trailer for the new instalments sparking major intrigue.

Jeremy Clarkson and his right-hand man Kaleb Cooper are set for more humorous mishaps and farm-related struggles, but the teaser for the series shows former Top Gear star Clarkson left concerned following a dramatic equipment accident.

Cooper, 25, ends up getting injured in the new episodes of the Prime series, leaving Clarkson, 64, visibly worried.

The heart-stopping moment is teased in the full-length trailer, which was released on Thursday.

The duo seem to be going about their work on Diddly Squat Farm when disaster strikes as Cooper, who’s harnessed to some farming equipment, falls into the field.

He appears to be tumbling into some dangerous machinery, causing Clarkson to yell: “S***” from the JCB he’s driving.

Kaleb Cooper, Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson

The trailer shows Kaleb being injured

Amazon Prime

The Grand Tour star rushes to the field to the aid his co-star.

Footage shows Clarkson and his girlfriend Lisa Hogan watching on as Cooper seems to be receiving medical attention.

Clarkson goes on to quip: “We've gotta get rid of all health and safety equipment off the farm. It's truly injuring people.”

The trailer also gave viewers a sneak peek at an emotional moment as Clarkson is left comforting a sobbing Hogan.

Kaleb Cooper and Lisa Hogan

Jeremy soon rushes to his co-star's aid

Amazon Prime

The couple appear to be heartbroken in the clip, which shows them discovering some of the farm's piglets had sadly died.

Clarkson can be seen tending to the new-born animals, however it soon becomes clear there is a problem.

“One of them is as weak as hell," the Grand Tour star is heard saying as he reaches into an incubator.

Later, he shows Hogan that two of the piglets have died, to which she responds: “Oh no,” before bursting into tears.

Lisa Hogan and Jeremy Clarkson

The trailer for the new series of Clarkson's Farm was released this week


As she cradles the baby animals, Clarkson is seen trying to console her before the clip ends.

A synopsis for the upcoming series reads: "The third series [finds] Diddly Squat facing some seriously daunting challenges.

"The crops are failing in the severe hot weather, inflation has driven prices of supplies sky high, dreams for the beloved restaurant are dashed and now the farm shop also faces closure.

"Jeremy urgently needs to come up with creative new ways of making ends meet, so hatches a plan to turn a profit from hundreds of acres of unfarmed land - thick woodland and hedgerows that makeup half of Diddly Squat. This triggers an avalanche of Clarkson-crafted schemes, involving everything from goats and pigs to mushrooms, nettles and deer."

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