Jeremy Clarkson takes aim at BBC Countryfile star after spotting baffling feature: ‘For crying out loud!’

Jeremy Clarkson takes aim at BBC Countryfile star after spotting baffling feature: ‘For crying out loud!’

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 26/03/2024

- 21:47

Updated: 27/03/2024

- 08:45

The Clarkson's Farm presenter shared a clip on his social media as he blasted the segment

Clarkson’s Farm star Jeremy Clarkson was left puzzled after watching the latest instalment of BBC’s Countryfile.

The 63-year-old fumed “for crying out loud” as he took aim at the show’s presenter, John Craven for wearing safety clothing while reporting from an empty field.

Taking to his Instagram on Sunday, WalesOnline reports the Grand Tour star posted a clip of the episode showing Craven, 83, wearing building site safety gear as he stood in a field.

The journalist and television presenter talked about an archaeology dig as he wore the confusing outfit.

Clarkson asked: “Why is he wearing a hat and a high visibility jacket? It’s a field for crying out loud.”

Craven was visiting “Britain’s Pompeii,” which had been perfectly preserved by a fire which happened in the Bronze Age.

John Craven and Jeremy Clarkson

Craven was seen on the show in full safety gear


Craven was at the site in Must Farm, Cambridge, and Clarkson questioned the need for the host to be taking the measure of wearing safety gear.

He went on to post a picture of another part of the show to further emphasise his point.

He captioned the post: “Look at these maniacs. In a wood with no hats or spectacles.”

It’s not the first time Clarkson has made a dig at the presenter, with he and Clarkson’s Farm co-star Kaleb Cooper taking aim at him last year.

John Craven

Craven had been visiting a site at Must Farm, Cambridge


In November, Craven had featured in a segment in which he heard from viewers at home, and Clarkson and Cooper took issue.

Craven explained: “We asked for your acts of kindness for our Wild Britain initiative and you didn't disappoint...”

A series of home videos of creatures enjoying manmade habitats and treats left out by viewers were then shown on the programme.

“Samantha from Harrogate... has a picnic bench fit for a badger,” Craven said as the video package reeled on to show one of the animals feasting on the food left out by the Countryfile viewer.

Jeremy Clarkson

The Clarkson's Farm star questioned the Countryfile star on social media


However, Clarkson - who showed firsthand the devastation badgers can cause on farmers' cattle in Clarkson's Farm - shared the clip on Instagram and was clearly unimpressed.

“FFS,” Clarkson simply penned alongside the clip to his 7.2million followers. Replying to the post, Cooper agreed with his co-star.

“Just thinking the same,” followed by face-palm emojis Cooper penned as the pair clearly took issue with the positive spin on badgers in the wild.

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