ITV Red Eye viewers divided as some 'switch off' and label new drama 'woke claptrap' following episode debut

ITV Red Eye viewers divided as some 'switch off' and label new drama 'woke claptrap' following episode debut

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 21/04/2024

- 22:29

Updated: 21/04/2024

- 22:31

The new drama aired its first episode on ITV on Sunday

Red Eye viewers gave very mixed responses following the ITV drama's debut episode on Sunday, with some going as far as to blast it as "woke claptrap".

The thriller follows doctor Matthew Nolan (played by Richard Armitage) as he is extradited back to China, where his alleged crime took place.

A synopsis for the drama reads: "After attending a medical conference in Beijing and coming frighteningly close to dying in a car crash, Dr Matthew Nolan arrives home and is immediately arrested at London's Heathrow Airport.

"A dead woman was discovered in his crashed car and, despite his protests that he was driving alone, Nolan must return to China in the custody of DC Hana Li to face charges."

The flight to China becomes fraught with disasters and it soon becomes clear a deadly conspiracy is taking place.

The debut episode ended with doctor Nolan realising someone had tried to kill him not long into the journey.

Lesley Sharp and Richard Armitage star in Red Eye

The drama divided viewers during its debut episode


The doctor had given his plane meal, which had been the only vegan dish, to another passenger who had been told there were no vegan options left.

Moments later, the passenger became extremely unwell and despite Nolan's best efforts to save him, he died on the floor of the plane.

Baffled as to why the man died, Nolan puts two and two together after remembering he'd given him his food, which he starts to think had been tampered with.

Some viewers were at the edge of their seats, however it seems others couldn't get into the new thriller.

Red Eye

The drama started with the doctor being extradited to China for a crime he insists he didn't commit


Taking to X, formerly Twitter, one person wrote: "I want #redeye to be good - but I’m already so confused."

"I tried to watch Red Eye but I’m confused so I turned it off. I’ll have to try again tomorrow! #RedEye," another admitted.

"The 'acting' in this is shocking. And the storyline. #redeye," a third complained.

"I want to like #RedEye, but it's not working for me so far," another echoed while someone else fumed: "Just about tolerating #RedEye until they uttered the phrase 'white privilege'. Woke claptrap."

Richard Armitage as doctor Matthew Nolan

The drama debuted on Sunday evening


Responding to the last tweet, someone else replied: "Switched channel as soon as she said it. Won’t be returning @ITV."

However, others took a completely different view, with one fan sharing: "#RedEye Yes it's unbelievable but I'm hooked already."

"Good tension in this series #RedEye," another remarked, while someone else added: "Red Eye on itv really good." (sic)

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