ITV Celebrity Big Brother sparks ‘racism’ row after latest evictions as fans divided over axed housemates

ITV Celebrity Big Brother sparks ‘racism’ row after latest evictions as fans divided over axed housemates

WATCH HERE: Zeze becomes the second star evicted on Tuesday's Celebrity Big Brother

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 20/03/2024

- 08:34

Updated: 20/03/2024

- 08:38

Zeze Millz and Marisha Wallace were voted out by the public on Tuesday's show

Celebrity Big Brother saw two more evictions last night, and as the final six were revealed, viewers were quick to respond with their thoughts.

Unfortunately for Zeze Millz and Marisha Wallace, their time in the house was up and they had to say goodbye to their fellow housemates.

Monday’s episode saw Fern Britton, Millz and Wallace confirmed as the three celebrities up for the public vote alongside Nikita Kuzmin who'd previously put himself up for eviction.

It was decided by viewers Millz and Wallace would be leaving, with the former This Morning star Britton and Strictly's Kuzmin rejoining the others.

The two women were met with huge cheers and applause from the audience as they made their exits, and while some fans questioned how Britton had been saved over them, other claimed their were ulterior motives at play among viewers.

Given both Wallace and Millz were the only remaining Black housemates, viewers took to X, formerly Twitter, and one person commented: “How very predictable of the British public to vote out the two black girls #cbb.”

Zeze and Marisha

The two women were evicted in the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother


“Nothing more shamelessly British than the public evicting the final 2 Black women in the same night #CBBUK #CBBLL #CBB #CelebrityBigBrother,” another remarked.

“It’s like the British public don’t like seeing black women winning #cbb #CBBUK,” a third chimed.

Another viewer admitted: “It is as I feared. Both Black women out. Only one woman in the final. Boooooo #cbb #cbbuk.”

“Wow! Got rid of @ black girls in 1 foul swoop. Im done with this f***ing show! #CBB #CBBUK,” someone else fumed.

Louis Walsh and Zeze Millz

Zeze and Marisha left the reality series on Tuesday


However, some disagreed with the argument, with one hitting back: “That's a VERY racist comment. It's nothing more than coincidence.”

“Seriously. Get a grip with this stuff,” another complained, while another asked: “What's colour of their skin got to do with it?” (sic)

The negative response to Britton making the final isn’t the only backlash the presenter has sparked on the series.

The 66-year-old often gets tearful while chatting with Big Brother in the diary room, and this spurred some to take to social media to accuse her of turning on “crocodile tears” to get sympathy from the public.

Marisha Wallace

Marisha and Zeze waved goodbye to their housemates on Tuesday


Britton seems to have a big fanbase though, with the public opting to save her and other famous faces jumping to her defence.

Earlier this week, former Strictly Come Dancing star James Jordan took to social media to sing Britton’s praises and hit back at those complaining about her being emotional.

It came as one fan shared: “She’s [Britton] game playing crying in diary room every night," which several other fans agreed with.

Retweeting the complaint, Jordan reacted with a new post, writing: “And yet she still doesn’t cry anywhere near as much as any of the boys BUT they are not playing a game???”

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