Hugh Grant urged 'stick to acting' as actor sparks uproar after hinting at politics stint: 'Wannabe leftist!'

Hugh Grant urged 'stick to acting' as actor sparks uproar after hinting at politics stint: 'Wannabe leftist!'

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Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 26/03/2024

- 10:34

The 63-year-old admitted a career shift into politics has "crossed my mind"

Hugh Grant has been met with a very divided reaction from potential voters in the UK after he admitted to toying with the idea of stepping into the world of politics.

The actor has played many a political figure on-screen before, including the prime minister in the rom-com Love Actually, and his latest role sees him revisit the field once again.

He takes on the part of chancellor Edward Keplinger in new HBO drama The Regime opposite Kate Winslet.

Grant, 63, is no stranger to voicing his political opinions off-screen and in one instance five years ago, launched a campaign for "tactical voting" against the Tories.

A staunch Remainer, Grant admitted his attempts to oust the Conservatives in 2019 went "very badly" and claimed he had been on the receiving end of "abuse... from the right" as a result.

But despite that, Grant admitted in a new interview a step into politics hasn't been ruled out, saying: "It has crossed my mind.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has teased a possible foray into politics


"But what I really see close up is that it's almost impossible to actually get anything done. It's just impossible. You've got to bring so many people with you," he added to Entertainment Weekly.

He also recalled a piece of advice his mother-in-law, former Swedish politician Susanne Eberstein, told him.

"Whenever the subject comes up, she just says, 'Don't. You have to water down everything. It's all horse-trading. And nowadays the incoming abuse is unthinkable'."

Grant went on to reference his aforementioned 2019 attempts to urge tactical voting as he recalled: "What was interesting was the abuse that came in from the right... And it was absolutely terrifying.

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant canvassed with the Lib Dems in 2019


"I've had a bit of it before during the Hacked Off campaign, but this was really extreme and shocking and threatening to one's family. So, I do see that you have to be either very brave or insane to go into politics in the digital age."

The actor's comments have since sparked national debate in the UK as to whether he would receive votes as an MP.

But after Channel 5 show Jeremy Vine asked the question to its followers on X, several hit back.

"Stick to acting," one irked follower stated before a second echoed: "NO! Stick to acting. Never liked him."

Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant has played several political characters on-screen


"Another wannabe leftist that doesn’t understand working-class people and working-class problems," a third weighed in as a fourth queried: "Why do I have a feeling he would be a hideous virtue signalling leftie?"

And another pulled no punches as they critiqued: "Grant is a Bad actor and he'd be an even worse no..!"

"Please no it would tip us over the edge," added a further but Grant did find himself receiving a few messages of support as well.

"Why not, he played a PM who stood up to a presidential bully. Our politics can do with a new generation who stand for change and public service," one fan praised before a second simply put: "He'd be better than most."

And another fan pointed out: "Anyone can stand for Parliament and if the people vote for him then what's the problem?" (sic)

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