Gemma Atkinson fans away tears in emotional home update after giving birth - 'I can't bear it!'

Gemma Atkinson

Gemma Atkinson left tearful in latest home update

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 27/07/2023

- 14:14

Updated: 27/07/2023

- 14:15

The former Stirctly Come Dancing star welcomed a baby boy with fiance Gorka Marquez earlier this month

Gemma Atkinson has candidly been sharing updates with her social media followers after giving birth to her second child, Thiago Thomas, earlier this month.

However, her latest insight appeared to strike a chord close to her heart as the former Emmerdale star struggled to hold back the tears.

Atkinson shared a series of clips with Thiago in the background as she said to the camera: "Day 10, he's in his cot, I got my coffee..."

However, with her newborn asleep, Atkinson decided to share an update on other much-loved members of her family - her pet dogs.

"Lots asking about Norman and Ollie as well," Atkinson continued. "They're currently at my mum's with my stepdad Peter because my mum's here so Peter's on his own."

She then delved into her pets' first meeting with Thiago and how it didn't exactly go as expected.

Gemma Atkinson's dogs

Gemma Atkinson got emotional as she contemplated her dogs getting older


Atkinson went on: "But it was weird, they met Thiago obviously when he came home and compared to Mia, it's because they're so much older, they were smelling everywhere.

"And I was like, 'He's here, he's here!' And Ollie came over but Ollie has got like a bit of cataracts and was bumping into him and he couldn't really see him."

However, the pooches clearly still have a soft spot for the tot as Atkinson explained: "But when he [Thiago] cries, Norman goes to the cot and (whimpers) underneath.

"But yeah, four years in dog years is a long time so yeah," Atkinson continued as she became overcome with emotion.

"They've got older as well..." she added before she began to fan away tears and exclaimed: "Oh, I can't bear it!"

Atkinson then shared an adorable clip of the two dogs enjoying their dinner at her mother's.

She captioned the clip: "They'll be back when Gorka's home and then back full time when I'm okay to lift them up the stairs and in the car because they can no longer do that themselves."

Atkinson then followed the explanation up with a teary-eyed and love heart emoji.

Atkinson's latest revelation comes hours after she opened to fans about how she opted for a C-section following a complication with Thiago's birth.

Gemma Atkinson in hospital

Gemma Atkinson shared a candid update about Thiago's birth this week


After her waters broke at home and her contractions sped up to six minutes apart, Atkinson said they "slowly just stopped".

She explained: "We headed into the hospital 24hrs after my waters broke as they had changed colour a little. Thiago had opened his bowels. Thanks son! Already s**ting on me."

Atkinson explained she was given the choice of "the artificial hormone to induce labour again or a section".

She added: "Weeks ago we said if it came down to that we would 100% go with the section. I had the hormone injection with Mia and it was awful plus after that it ended up in an emergency C section and PPH anyway." (sic)

The former Hollyoaks star admitted "recovery is still tough" but that she "couldn’t be happier in the outcome of how he arrived".

Marquez and Atkinson also share daughter Mia, four, together who was born in July 2019.

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