Gary Goldsmith lauds Trump for 'making world safer' as Kate's uncle defies royal expectations with political debate

Gary Goldsmith lauds Trump for 'making world safer' as Kate's uncle defies royal expectations with political debate

WATCH HERE: Gary Goldsmith says he is a 'Tory at heart' but doesn't support Sunak

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 07/03/2024

- 11:02

Kate Middleton's uncle was candid about his political leaning

Gary Goldsmith has opened up about his thoughts on US presidential hopeful Donald Trump as well as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and former PM Boris Johnson while in the Big Brother house.

The Princess of Wales's uncle - whose inclusion has sparked controversy with domestic abuse charities and ITV viewers alike - was speaking to former This Morning host Fern Britton during Wednesday's show when he made the revelation.

While his niece has remained apolitical during her time in the public eye due to the expectations thrust upon the royals, her uncle Goldsmith had no issues revealing all to Britton.

Britton kicked off the conversation by referencing King Charles III and saying he'll be the one "who will navigate us through keeping our spirits up" amid such times of uncertainty.

The TV presenter then turned her attention to the political side of things as she commented: "Poor Mr Sunak. I don't think at the moment he is looking as if he's a tough guy."

"I'm a Tory at heart," Goldsmith then said to a nodding Britton. "Job creation is everything."

Fern Britton

Fern Britton was stunned to hear Goldsmith's political leaning


Looking upon Sunak unfavourably, Goldsmith continued: "I just don't think he's the leader we want.

"And randomly I thought Boris was doing a pretty good job in a very difficult set of circumstances.

"If there hadn't been... you know, where no one had been before," he added, referring to the pandemic.

Britton then shared her unique predictions for the future of British politics as she replied: "I've put money on the next prime minister... I put my money on David Cameron because suddenly, you know, 'Get him out of retirement, get him his lordship!'"

Donald Trump

Donald Trump will more than likely face Joe Biden in this year's US election


"You're not the first person to say that. Cameron and Trump," Goldsmith said but an unimpressed Britton replied: "Oh! You don't like Trump, do you?"

"I think the world is a safer place with Trump in it," he mused. "I think he's got the willingness to press the button."

"That doesn't make the world safe!" Britton protested but Goldsmith stood firm in his support of the Republican candidate: "He's a genuine threat to Putin and Kim Jong-un."

Britton brought the debate to a close as she remarked: "I know, but Putin will press the button, Trump will press the button and we'll be gone. That's it."

Gary Goldsmith has shown his support for Trump

Gary Goldsmith has shown his support for Trump while in the CBB house


Goldsmith isn't the only CBB housemate to find himself causing controversy with his Stateside views.

Sharon Osbourne was probed on life in Los Angeles during Wednesday's episode where she unleashed some rather savage takes on some well-known names.

In particular, James Corden found himself being dragged by Osbourne for being a "name dropper".

The former X Factor judge also slammed Ellen Degeneres and Anna Wintour during a no-holds-barred rant.

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