Dr Shola rants we 'spent stupid money on Coronation and Brexit!' in bizarre NHS spending rant

Dr Shola

Dr Shola has slammed the UK's spending on Brexit and the Coronation in NHS strikes rant

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 20/09/2023

- 13:33

Junior doctors and consultants are both on a joint-strike for the first time in NHS history

NHS staff have again staged a walkout this week with both consultants and junior doctors on strike today as disputes over pay continue.

Health secretary Steve Barclay said the government's pay offer of six percent for consultants and 8.8 percent to junior doctors, dependent on level, was "final and fair" but staff are demanding more.

Barclay's offer was in line with an independent pay review body's recommendations but junior doctors are calling for a 35 percent rise as it will realign them with the remuneration they received in 2008.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu joined lawyer Nick Freeman and TV presenter Jeremy Vine to discuss the strikes on Wednesday and debate whether or not the government should renegotiate with those on strike.

Vine kicked off the discussion as he asked if the government should go "back to the table" with doctors over pay negotiations after saying they wouldn't budge.

"No, not at the moment," Freeman began. "I think the strikes should end, I don't actually think there should be a strike."

After spotting Dr Shola "sigh" Freeman continued his point but did clarify that he agreed the service has been underfunded in previous years.

However, he suggested doctors should've come out sooner rather than demand 35 percent outright now, arguing pay rises could've been implemented incrementally.

"We are where we are, we're in a cost of living crisis, there's only a limited amount of money there. There has been a review, in my view that review should be legally binding," he stated.

Jeremy Vine

Jeremy Vine helmed the debate involving Dr Shola


Freeman added: "We should get back to work and then when we get back to work, the government should sit down and talk."

But Dr Shola was clearly opposed to Freeman as she hit back: "I respectfully disagree. The NHS strike is not the cause of the NHS crisis, the NHS crisis is the cause of the NHS strikes and the government is the cause of the NHS crisis.

"What the doctors, the nurses, the NHS staff are asking for is absolutely reasonable," she claimed.

"They are asking for restorative pay back to 2008 and 2009 levels because you have to remember that they have been consistently underpaid for decades."

When Vine tried to ask where the money would come from, Dr Shola hit back: "Let me finish... Every time people always ask where the money is coming from, we seem to have money for everything else!

"We spent stupid money on Brexit, we spent stupid money on the Coronation, we spent stupid money on not even chasing people who had stolen from us, the government allowed them to go off with PPE contracts and all of that.

"My point is this government is not prioritising our healthcare!" Dr Shola argued.

Playing devil's advocate, Vine suggested cancelling HS2 or Trident to find the money as he commented: "Just cancel something massive and we have the money!"

But when Freeman weighed back in to argue a 35 percent increase would have a devastating impact on inflation, Dr Shola fumed: "Again, it shows such deep ingratitude as far as I'm concerned...

"Towards the very people that not only held us up during the pandemic but for decades, doctors, nurses, and NHS staff have kept us going.

"In fact, not only are they so overworked, they are underpaid and definitely not appreciated.

"It is time for us to put our money where our mouths are!" Dr Shola argued. "We either prioritise our healthcare and pay them the reasonable thing they are asking for because you see, they are people too!

"They're not slaves, we cannot keep pushing them -" she continued before Vine was forced to intervene to let Freeman reply.

Freeman put Dr Shola on the spot as he asked: "Would you not prioritise the people with serious illness who have contributed to the NHS through their taxes all of their lives to then, today, have an operation that is potentially life-saving to be told it's cancelled because the doctors want more money?

Dr Shola

Dr Shola and Nick Freeman disagreed over the strikes


"Who do you prioritise in that situation?" he asked to which Dr Shola replied: "In this situation today, I am going to prioritise the people that provide the care because for decades they have prioritised patient care! It's time to show them some love!"

An exasperated Freeman was in disbelief as he shook his head and a number of Channel 5 viewers were also taken aback.

Reacting to the moment on Twitter, one viewer hit out: "@SholaMos1 shouting people down and bullying everyone around her. When will this grifter be stopped from grifting."

While a second weighed in: "Brexit and the Coronation were money well spent!"

And a third suggested: "The NHS gets more than enough funding but it's mismanaged. Until the NHS can prove to be more cost efficient they shouldn't get any extra funding. And give it a b****y rest about strikes ffs." (sic)

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