David Beckham derails Victoria as he fumes 'be honest' about 'working class' claim

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has been mocked for claiming she's from a 'working-class' background

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 05/10/2023

- 09:16

Updated: 05/10/2023

- 10:10

Netflix's tell-all documentary about the Beckhams dropped on the streaming service this week

Netflix viewers were rather amused while watching the first episode of the new documentary Beckham after the former footballer interrupted one of his wife's interviews.

The insightful series takes a deep dive into David and Victoria Beckham's lives - from David's first steps into football to how he met the Spice Girl.

The first episode of the series included input from both the Beckhams as well as a number of David's former teammates and Victoria's bandmates.

However, despite the long list of big names offering their thoughts, it was a moment between the husband and wife duo that became the most memorable.

During the premiere, Victoria and David recalled how they first met and what it was about the other that made them attracted to one another.

Both cited the fact they were close to their families as a main factor for their connection but when Victoria also attempted to claim their "working class" backgrounds also made them compatible, David had plenty to say.

The 49-year-old singer said to the Netflix cameras: "We both come from families that work very hard we're very working class..."

David Beckham

David Beckham has bared all in Netflix's new documentary


David, who wasn't in the room but could hear from the other side of the door, decided to pull his wife up on her claims.

Poking his head through the door, David interrupted his wife's interview and remarked: "Be honest!"

"I am being honest!" Victoria protested but David was having none of it as he quizzed: "What car did your dad drive you to school in?"

"So my dad did -" Victoria tried to reply but the former England winger interjected once more: "It just needs one answer!"

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Posh Spice claimed the answer wasn't a "simple" one as she scrambled for an answer but David continued to put her on the spot.

In the end, Victoria conceded: "It depends but yes, in the 80s, my dad had a Rolls Royce."

Finally, content with the answer his wife had given, a smug Becks said "thank you" before he left his wife and the Netflix crew to the rest of the interview.

The moment has since gone viral online, with a number of fans seeing the funny side of the husband and wife's interaction.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, one fan commented: "Victoria really said she was working class and David told her to say what car her dad drove her to school in. It was a Rolls Royce. My girl is so funny #BECKHAM."

While a second quipped: "Hahahaha David Beckham wasn’t having Victoria as coming from a working class family."

David and Victoria BEckham

David and Victoria Beckham first met in 1997


Elsewhere, another said of the moment: "Maybe Victoria was trying to be humble but agree with David Beckham. She should've been honest and not saying she's from working class family when she's not."

And a fourth saw found the conversation hilarious: "Yeah, Victoria Beckham did not grow up working class #Beckham," followed by a series of laughing emojis.

A fifth praised the documentary: "I actually think this platforms their relationship in a very humorous light from David interrupting Victoria to tell her she's not working class to how she seems a lot more open #BECKHAM." (sic)

The documentary was packed full of other revelations from their marriage, including the pair addressing the affair rumours between David and Rebecca Loos.

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