Brian May issues apology after being 'let down' and 'disappointed' as show plagued with issues

Brian May

Brian May has apologised for errors during his latest show

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 01/08/2023

- 16:07

The Queen star took to Instagram to issue a statement following a hitch with one of his latest projects

Sir Brian May is still going strong alongside his Queen bandmates on-stage - with the group recently announcing a tour in Japan later this year.

However, away from performing the band's timeless classics in front of adoring crowds, May has been lending his talents to the world of literature.

May has teamed up with Professor Dante Lauretta as the pair launch their new book, Bennu 3-D: Anatomy of an Asteroid.

And to get excitement levels rising, May headed to the Natural History Museum to conduct a talk about the book and promote its release.

While fans were able to attend the event in-person, May had also offered fans the chance to watch the talk online via the museum's website.

However, May was left "let down" when he discovered after his talk that a ticketing mishap left many unable to watch.

Brian May and Professor Dante Lauretta

Brian May and Professor Dante Lauretta pose for a selfie after their talk


Addressing the issue, May penned on Instagram alongside a selfie with Lauretta: "BENNU - the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM in-house launch.

"We had a great night here - but we’re all massively disappointed that many of you folks didn’t get your links to the live performance.

"Please let me know here and we will make sure you get your refunds AND…. I know it’s a poor substitute, but I’m assured that the SAME link will NOW show the complete recording of the show we just did - on YouTube on that private link."

He added: "Let me know if this works for you. And again, I’m so sorry the NHM ticketing team let us all down so badly.

"Lotsa love out there - Bri," the Queen star signed off.

Inevitably, it didn't take long for fans to address May's statement, with many airing their frustration at the mix-up but also expressing their understanding.

One fan replied: "I tried many times to book this event but was unable to. Perhaps the museum didn’t anticipate the number of interested visitors. Thanks for trying."

While a second weighed in: "Yeah I was so sad not to be able to see it! Hoping for a replay or a friend with a link to watch after the fact!"

Brian May was knighted

Brian May was knighted earlier this year by King Charles III


Another thanked the star: "Thanks dear Bri, was really a pity couldn’t see it tonight…

"And thank you that you wanted to help the ones that didn’t got the access. I bet it has been an amazing night."

For those who did catch the talk, it sounds like a great evening was had by all.

One fan shared: "Thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and happy to report no issues with access. Well done to all involved!!! Xx." (sic)

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