Big Brother legend battling ‘rare’ brain tumour aged 39: ‘Very health conscious and worried’

Big Brother legend battling ‘rare’ brain tumour aged 39: ‘Very health conscious and worried’

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Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 04/04/2024

- 20:45

The Big Brother star appeared during series 17 and lasted 32 days in the house, placing 13th

Big Brother legend Charlie Doherty has revealed that she has been diagnosed with a rare brain tumour following a recent MRI scan.

Doherty – who was a big character within her Big Brother season – took to her Instagram account to announce the news and urge others of the warning signs.

Alongside a selfie of herself, she wrote: “So I received some rubbish news this week… I have been having some ongoing issues which has gone on a while and I pushed for an MRI which has resulted in them finding a brain tumour.

“I have been researching and finding out as much as I can and I basically wanted to share awareness that this is happening more and more and to younger people.

“I don't know if this was caused by environmental factors but if I was to hazard a guess it could be from mobile phone use in my right ear for a number of years/ sunbeds / nightclubs in loud music.

“That's obviously just speculation as I don't know enough about it yet. Other than it's rare and does have treatment options.

“If anyone knows or has had this kind of tumour please let me know best treatments to be looked at and any advice you can give. To me this is a very alien subject scary and quite frankly shocking.

“The tumour is called an acoustic neuroma. Sorry to share such a negative list but I am very health conscious and worried.

“And any information people can give me (as well as the professionals) is all appreciated right now. Love and peace.”

Fans of Doherty flooded her post with support with one user commenting: “Awful news to receive.... I really hope you find the best treatment and get through this.

Charlie Doherty

Charlie starred in series 17 and placed 13th


“Your such a beautiful strong girl... kick it’s a**! Sending love.”

“Sorry to hear this Charlie. Sending healing & love,” another added before a third said: “Oh Charlie this must be scary beyond belief! Sending you positive vibes and all the love.”

Another penned: “I’m so sorry. That must be incredibly scary. Sending you love.”

“So sorry to hear this babe. Sending you lots of love and strength, your so beautiful,” one saddened user said. (sic)

Charlie Doherty

Charlie revealed her recent health struggle


According to the NHS website, an acoustic neuroma is a type of non-cancerous brain tumour and tends to affect adults aged 30 to 60 – usually with no obvious cause.

Charlie was on the same series as the controversial Andrew Tate, as well as Lateysha Grace and Marco Pierre White Jr.

That series of Big Brother had a special theme and saw some housemates living in the main house, and some living in the 'others' house.

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