BBC Springwatch fans plead 'enough is enough' as they're left cringing over Megan McCubbin research

Megan McCubbin

Megan was presenting from Glasgow in the final episode

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 13/06/2024

- 22:31

The finale episode of the BBC nature programme aired tonight with presenters Chris Packham, Michaela Strachan, Iolo Williams and Megan McCubbin

BBC Springwatch viewers were left pleading with the presenters to "stop" showing different species of spiders during the finale episode.

Tonight, Packham, Strachan and Williams bid farewell to 2024's nests and recapped the highlights of the series, while McCubbin wrapped up her Glasgow adventure.

McCubbin spoke with Libby Penman, who is a wildlife filmmaker and took a deeper look at the many insect species under a macro camera lens.

She explained: "I love long lens wildlife but macro, I take a lot of macro photography and to me it unlocks this whole other world so, yeah, I love macro lenses, you just get this insight."

McCubbin continued: "It has been very rainy today so we haven't been as successful as we previously were in the week, but we found some amazing species, everything from frog hoppers to flies, caterpillars, flower bugs and spiders.

"Spiders are some of the most diverse animals we have in the animal kingdom and we happen to have one live right now."


Megan was joined by photographer Libby Penman


Penman excitedly revealed: "We do! We are on a live crab spider, it's a tiny wee thing but we are just having a look at it just now, a beautiful little spider."

"One of the other spiders we saw earlier was the candy-striped spider, it is an amazing spider and there are two types of this spider in the UK. We know the one we have been looking at here because it is the only one that lives in Scotland.

"The one we saw earlier had a pale yellow colour, but the more iconic version has this red stripe across its abdomen, which is why it gets its name, the candy stripe spider."

Impressed, McCubbin praised: "A beautiful spider with that bright red across its abdomen."


Fans weren't thrilled to see spiders back on their screens


Throughout their conversation of how they hunt their prey, multiple pictures and videos were shown to viewers at home who were left cringing and pleading for the spiders to be left off.

One X user noted: "Stop with the spider content! #springwatch."

"Please enough with the spider content #springwatch," another asked before a third said: "Pls stop with the spider content."

A fourth expressed: "I love #Springwatch but I can't deal with the spiders! They make my skin crawl... enough is enough, get them off my screen."

Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan

Viewers were previously left cringed out by Packham demonstrating spiders mating


It comes as many fans have once already begged the show to stop showing spiders after Packham and Strachan had demonstrated the act of them mating.

Packham got fully involved and appeared with a model of a wolf spider on his hand and acted out the mating process and explained: "Then he needs to get it to the female. So he approaches the female very carefully... he has to got to pass it underneath her body."

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