BBC Rebus star Richard Rankin makes feelings clear on possible season 2 of crime drama

BBC Rebus star Richard Rankin makes feelings clear on possible season 2 of crime drama

WATCH HERE: Richard Rankin stars in the trailer for new drama Rebus

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 25/05/2024

- 06:00

The adaptation of Ian Rankin's bestselling novels arrived on screens last week

Richard Rankin, the Outlander star who's now been tasked with bringing Edinburgh's most famous fictional detective to life, has addressed the possibility of a second season of the BBC drama.

Helmed by Gregory Burke with veteran author Ian Rankin serving as executive producer on the project, Rebus kicked off with a bang on BBC One last Saturday.

Thrown right into the thick of the action, Rebus viewers were introduced to the reimagining of the crime novel's leading man during episode one.

Alongside Rankin's DS John Rebus, fans got to meet new sidekick Siobhan Clarke (Lucie Shorthouse) as well as take a peek into his chaotic home life - including a sordid affair.

Of course, it wouldn't be Rebus without a crime to solve and the premiere offered up just that in the form of a violent street attack - as well as teasing future confrontations with shady Edinburgh criminal Ger Cafferty (Stuart Bowman).

But while episode one dropped on Saturday, some fans have been able to binge all six instalments on the Beeb's streaming service iPlayer, prompting them to wonder if a second season is in the pipeline.

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin stars in the leading role


Leading star Rankin has now addressed the potential of another term as the lead detective and admitted he's rather optimistic about the idea.

"I hope people take out of it what we put in," he told the BBC ahead of the series premiere.

He continued: "The entire ensemble of cast and crew are immensely talented individuals who all brought their A-game to the series. I think that really shows.

"I hope audiences will develop an appetite for more, so that we can bring another series their way further down the line.

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin and Brian Ferguson

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin and Brian Ferguson play the Rebus brothers


"I really hope that people will fall in love with Rebus in the same way that we have," he concluded.

At the time of writing, the Beeb is yet to give Rebus the green light for a second season.

However, given the fact there are 24 instalments of author Rankin's Rebus novel series, show bosses wouldn't be short of future source material.

News of a renewal would undoubtedly be welcome news to viewers who flocked to social media following the first episode to heap praise on the BBC drama.

One fan called for another season as they penned on X, formerly Twitter: "Just finished #Rebus. Blimey, what a series.

"Perfectly cast, capturing the essence of the novels with grim and compelling determination. Crime drama at its best. A second series is guaranteed, surely...? Good to have the old boy back on screen, and better than ever. @Beathhigh."

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin and Brian Ferguson

BBC Rebus: Richard Rankin has openly outlined his hopes for season 2


A second echoed: "Having read every @Beathhigh Rebus story I’m just blown away by the new TV series. Authentic and true to the spirit of the novels while adding new layers. You’ll want to binge the whole lot. #rebus."

Elsewhere, a third said: "I was unsure about watching the new #Rebus series. I love the books (read them all more than twice!) I didn't want to be disappointed.

"First episode done on @BBCiPlayer, absolutely fab! @Beathhigh I salute you, creating a character so adaptable it works endearingly throughout!"

And another weighed in: "Finished watching episodes 1-6 of #Rebus with @RikRankin. Amazing - need to know what’s coming next! Thanks to all cast and crew for making a great show - thanks to @Beathhigh for a very intriguing character."

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