BBC Gladiators fans fume as they brand athletes ‘too soft’ begging bosses to ‘get rid’ of original game

BBC Gladiators fans fume as they brand athletes ‘too soft’ begging bosses to ‘get rid’ of original game

Contender gets revenge on cheating Gladiator Viper

Lauren Williams

By Lauren Williams

Published: 24/02/2024

- 22:19

The BBC reboot is presented by father son duo Bradley and Barney Walsh

Gladiators entered the quarter finals tonight with the last few contestants battling it out to make it to the final and become the ultimate contender.

Bradley and Barney Walsh have entertained the nation with their comedic relationship and having banter with the Gladiators when they lose to the contestants – which isn’t very often.

However, viewers of the show were left unimpressed by the highly anticipated quarter final and took to their X accounts to complain.

One annoyed viewer commented: “Is it me or are the #Gladiators way too soft? Gauntlet they don't even bother to batter them!! And the new games are dull!! Where's Atlaspheres and Skytrack?!.”

“Anyone explain why the gauntlet is so sh*t in #Gladiators,” a second moaned before a third added: “Can we dump Gauntlet from #Gladiators next series? It is a non-event.”

Another noted: “The gauntlet makes no sense to me, if you can't hold them what's the point in the game? Even I could get through #gladiators #bbcgladiators.”

Gladiator Viper

Many fans claimed they thought the Gladiators were becoming too soft on the contenders


“Does anyone else think that the gladiators are a bit soft this series? The gauntlet is meant to be tough cos there’s four of them but they seem to fly through,” a fifth penned. (sic)

Despite many fans loving the dynamic between the duo, one original Gladiator has issued his concerns regarding their presenting skills.

The original show began in 1992 and became many fans' favourite TV show, cheering on the contestants who dared to take on the fierce Gladiators.

Michael Wilson, who is better known as Cobra, was one of the show's most popular Gladiators - kicking his way into the arena.

Bradley Walsh

Other fans noted that the Gauntlet game needed to go


He admitted that he wasn’t sure if The Chase star and his prodigy were the best signing to present the show.

Wilson told The Daily Star: “I'll have to watch a little more, but after initially seeing them, I'm not sure if was the right fit.”

Before the reboot aired, the BBC revealed that the Gladiators would no longer be wearing “revealing” outfits – something else Wilson had an issue with.

He added: “The outfits… They’re really unflattering and just horrible really. I thought they could have done a lot more with them.”

Bradley and Barney Walsh

Bradley and Barney present Gladiators on BBC


Wilson wasn’t the only former Gladiators star who had an issue with the changes that have been made to the iconic series.

Ulrika Jonsson admitted she thought there was one thing missing and told Christine Lampard on Lorraine: “No cheerleaders!

“I just don’t understand it. I don’t understand if it’s some kind of wokery. The cheerleaders brought another level, and some depth to it.

“They’re gorgeous and talented girls! We had such a lovely time with them. I don’t understand. They were so great, its just a shame… I don’t know what the reasons are.”

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