BBC Call the Midwife star hits out at corporation over wording used in show’s introduction

BBC Call the Midwife star hits out at corporation over wording used in show’s introduction

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Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 13/02/2024

- 19:51

The actor has starred in the series since its 2012 debut

Call the Midwife star Stephen McGann recently took to social media to blast the broadcaster over its introduction of the programme.

The Dr Patrick Turner actor refused to keep quiet when he heard the BBC drama being described as “a healthy dose of nostalgia” and vented his annoyance online, sparking several viewers to agree with him.

Posting on X as the show started on Sunday night, the 61-year-old penned: “BBC Announcer: ‘Now for a healthy dose of nostalgia with Call the Midwife...’

“Followed by a drama about domestic abuse, child abandonment, the familial impact of terminal illness, and the psychological burden of serious debt...”

The programme brings to light several issues from the period which are also prevalent in today’s society, and one current storyline has resonated with plenty of fans.

One plot which has sparked a huge reaction includes character Gladys (played by Susie Baxter) finding out she had cancer caused by asbestos.

Stephen McGann

The actor took to X to express his annoyance


Responding to McGann, one viewer admitted: “We were annoyed by the introduction. My Father died from an asbestos-related cancer. It wasn’t a dose of nostalgia for me.

“Thank you for highlighting the dreadful impact of exposure to it. You reminded me that he used to wash and change immediately when he came home.”

Another added: “Not really 'a healthy dose of nostalgia', to be fair, much more like a case of: BEWARE - all of this can easily happen again.

“Love CTM because it’s so beautifully acted by all concerned. Acutely aware of the old problems it highlights and how they’re now being repeated today.”

Stephen McGann

McGann has starred as Doctor Turner in the series since 2012


A third complained: “I raised my eyebrows and gnashed my teeth at that.”

“Every time I hear it called ‘cosy’ I think ‘yup, nothing cosier than watching women dying from avoidable illness, having their kids taken into care, staying in abusive relationships - due to poverty. Pass the Horlicks,’” someone else commented.

Another viewer explained: “Dad was a builder. Dad, his brother and brother in law all died of asbestos related cancers (they worked together). None were aware of its dangers. Unbeknownst to him, Dad protected us by washing and changing when he got home from work. #notnostalgia.”

“Because it’s set in the past, people sometimes think it’s going to be sentimental . It has warmth & shows kind people, but it has dealt with some serious issues,” (sic) one fan pointed out.

Stephen McGann and Heidi Thomas

Mcgann is married to Call the Midwife creator Heidi Thomas


Stephen has starred in the drama since it debuted on the BBC in 2012, playing the beloved doctor of the series.

The actor is also married to screenwriter and show creator Heidi Thomas, and the couple share a son.

GB News has contacted the BBC for a comment.

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