BBC Bargain Hunt stars 'terrified' as scary item spooks team: 'Dead in the eyes!'

 Azeez and Hafsa

The Bargain Hunt team were left 'terrified' by the item

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 29/05/2024

- 08:28

Izzie Balmer's team became distracted by the 'scary' doll

Bargain Hunt experts were left "terrified" by a scary-looking item in a classic episode which was aired this week.

Izzie Balmer's red team consisted of brother and sister duo Azeez and Hafsa, and the group came across a doll which scared the whole team as they searched for bargains.

The siblings were on the hunt for their three items, one of which had to be a decorative Victorian object.

As they searched, a "terrifying" doll caught their eye. Approaching it, Hafsa remarked: "Absolutely dead in the eyes".

She added: "It freaks me out, it's scaring me a little bit," as she stared at the blonde doll wearing a blue dress.

Spotting the doll, Balmer joked: "Bonus buy! I know what I'm getting!"

Bargain Hunt

The doll caught the attention of the red team


"Oh my gosh, I'll be terrified if you bring that out!" Hafsa laughed as they gathered around the creepy doll.

The team soon decided to move on and leave the item where they'd found it, focusing on other potential bargains.

At the auction, the team hoped to make a profit on a pair of nineteenth-century candles bought for £70.

Sadly, they ended up selling for £35 instead, and a couple more of their items also suffered a loss.

After a few unlucky sales, the brother and sister team were at -£93, but Balmer convinced them not to give up hope.

Bargain Hunt

The doll was deemed 'dead behind the eyes'


The expert selected a biscuit jar as the team's final item, which had been bought for £30.

She explained it could sell because arts and crafts items are "very popular," but also noted it was a bit damaged.

Unfortunately, the item only sold for £18, meaning the duo suffered an even bigger loss.

The BBC series makes household names out of the presenters, and Balmer's co-star Roo Irvine recently detailed how a tragic event led to her debut on the show.

She explained two family deaths occurred in quick succession and detailed how they led to her current career.

Izzie Balmer and the red team

Balmer joked about purchasing the doll


"Kilcreggan Antiques came about quite by (bad) luck when suddenly, and unexpectedly, in 2013, my wonderful Dad passed away," she recalled.

The bargain expert continued: "I was heartbroken and devastated. Then, just three weeks later, my husband Mark also lost his father to a long battle with cancer.

"We walked away from our senior corporate jobs and focused on taking care of our widowed mothers."

According to The Daily Mirror, the website also reads: "I'd always loved antiques and had developed a keen eye, so my husband suggested we 'go for it' and Kilcreggan Antiques was born."

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