BBC Antiques Roadshow couple 'stormed off' show after discovering underwhelming value of 'enormous painting'

BBC Antiques Roadshow couple 'stormed off' show after discovering underwhelming value of 'enormous painting'

WATCH HERE: Fiona Bruce shares Antiques Roadshow storm-off tale

Alex Davies

By Alex Davies

Published: 03/04/2024

- 09:45

Updated: 03/04/2024

- 10:05

Fiona Bruce delved into the details after the rare incident on the show

Antiques Roadshow host Fiona Bruce has opened up on a rather feisty moment on the BBC show which resulted in an item being "dumped".

Bruce has been the face of the BBC fan-favourite for over 15 years and during that time has seen all manner of rare finds end up on the experts' desks.

Just this past weekend fans were left stunned by the value of a book found in a dump while expert Ronnie Archer-Morgan was so taken aback by another item, he refused to value it.

Bruce also popped up elsewhere this past weekend as she took part in the ITV quiz show Celebrity Catchphrase alongside fellow celebs Scott Mills and Josie Gibson.

And it was during his guest appearance that she told host Stephen Mulhern all the details about the aforementioned couple's furious walk-out.

"We know you as a presenter, as a very serious news reader. We know you from Antiques Roadshow as well, of course. Have you ever seen anybody really cheesed off when they bring their item in and they get told it's worth absolutely nothing? I love that bit," Mulhern probed.

Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce has been the face of Antiques Roadshow since 2008


"Everyone tells me they love that bit. Everyone watches with a degree of Schadenfreude," Bruce replied.

"So yes, I mean, many times. Some people came along once, a couple, and they had an enormous painting.

"They lugged it along and it took them ages. Eventually, the specialist saw it and said, '£30 maybe', and they were so cross.

"They dumped it against a hedge and stormed off," the Antiques Roadshow host said to laughter from the studio audience.

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Elsewhere in the episode, which was repeated on Saturday having originally aired last year, Bruce was asked about her time as the face of Question Time, prompting her to admit she found it "frustrating" when politicians "dodge" her questions.

However, she lauded the BBC show for its format as audience members are the ones to regularly grill politicians rather than her.

The quiz show aired on Saturday night on ITV and by Sunday evening, Bruce and the Antiques Roadshow team transported BBC viewers to Alexandra Gardens in Cardiff.

Bruce and the experts got to peruse over a rare Welsh rugby shirt, repurposed Indian jewelry, Napoleonic war medals, and some incredibly rare Rolling Stones memorabilia.

Fiona Bruce

Fiona Bruce witnessed one couple 'storm off' Antiques Roadshow after receiving their valuation


However, it was an item that turned out to be a disturbing relic from the 18th-century slave trade which prompted quite the reaction from expert Archer-Morgan.

He decided not to put a monetary value on the item due to its "despicable" past and admitted it was one of the "most difficult" items he'd ever had to talk about or appraise.

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