Barry Gibb addresses potential sale of Bee Gees back catalogue as he admits it's a 'burden'

Barry Gibb addresses potential sale of Bee Gees back catalogue as he admits it's a 'burden'

Barry Gibb and son Stephen Gibb singing I've Gotta Get A Message To You

Olivia Gantzer

By Olivia Gantzer

Published: 15/02/2024

- 19:13

The final Bee Gee standing also opened up on his feelings about being "remembered"

Bee Gees star Barry Gibb is a huge name in the world of music after he rose to fame in the 1960s and 70s with the band, formed of himself and his younger brothers.

The 77-year-old recently opened up about the music group’s back catalogue and his plans to potentially sell everything so his children aren’t left with the “burden”.

When asked if he’d considered selling his catalogue, he responded: “I'm thinking about it. Because I don't want my kids to have that burden.

“And then I heard what Bruce Springsteen got for his estate. I'm thinking, well, you know, you can only, you can only last so long, you know.

“And if I'm deaf, then what difference does the music make? If you can't hear it, what does it matter, you know.”

Speaking during an interview with CBS, he went on to explain how he feels about being remembered.

Barry Gibb

Barry Gibb talks about plans for the Bee Gees back catalogue


"I have no feelings about whether people remember me or the Bee Gees or not,” he reflected.

“No feelings whatsoever. When I'm gone, you guys can do what you like.”

Gibb has spoken candidly about losing all three of his younger brothers in recent years.

His co-star brothers Robin and Maurice died in 2012 and 2003 respectively, with the former battling cancer for a number of years while Maurice died during surgery for a twisted intestine.

The Bee Gees

Gibb has previously reflected on the loss of his brothers


The group’s younger brother Andy, who wasn’t in the band, died in 1988 following a battle with drug addiction and depression.

Speaking on Australian show Sunday Night in 2012, not long after Robin’s death, Gibb reflected: “My greatest regret is that every brother I’ve lost was in a moment when we weren’t getting on, so I have to live with that and I’ll spend the rest of my life reflecting on that.

"I’m the last man standing. I’ll never be able to understand that as I’m the eldest. Nobody ever really knows what the three of us felt about each other. Only the three of us knew."

Barry Gibb and Olivia Newton-John

Gibb explained why his catalogue would be 'a burden'


He added: "It was such a unifying thing, the three of us became one person. We all had the same dream. That’s what I miss more than anything else."

To this day, the band's music remains celebrated despite having produced no new tracks in decades.

The trio's music was a staple of the disco era when they were at their peak.

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