US weather: Two-sided storm attack to unleash heavy snow on America amid -40C freeze

US weather: Two-sided storm attack to unleash heavy snow on America amid -40C freeze

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Nathan Rao

By Nathan Rao

Published: 17/01/2024

- 21:37

The crippling winter blitz shows no signs of easing

A lethal duo of storms has launched a two-sided attack on America unleashing a brutal winter deluge across the east and west coasts.

Storm Indigo threatens up to two feet of snow and thick ice as it ploughs into western states, while the northeast reels in the wake of Storm Heather.

It is the latest assault in what is turning into possibly the most brutal winter freeze ever to hit America.

Temperatures nosedived to -40C this week triggering torrents of snow and warnings of potentially deadly ice storms.

East coast regions on winter storm alert

East coast regions on winter storm alert

The Weather Channel

The crippling winter blitz shows no signs of easing as forecasters warn of a treacherous run up to the weekend.

Weather Channel meteorologist Domenica Davis said: “Widespread amounts of snow are expected, and in parts of northern New England we could see up to eight inches.

“Our next winter storm is moving in and this is Winter Storm Indigo, and ice and heavy snow will be big threats with this, especially the ice.”

Freezing rain pelting highways and turning them into lethal ice rinks has sparked warnings for people to take care or avoid travel completely.


Eastern coastal regions are warned to brace for power outages and tree branches felled by ice sheets half an inch thick.

Ms Davis said: “This is going to be a big deal with lots of icing potential.

“Further inland, this is where we have the heavy snow setting up, so even through mid-week, and late week, we’ll still be dealing with this winter weather system.

“It is significant, and there is very dangerous stuff on the way.”

Ice storm warning

Ice storm warning

The Weather Channel

Storm Heather moved up the east coast at the weekend unleashing inches of snow and causing havoc on the roads and highways.

Freezing rain and sleet let to mile-long tailbacks while leaving cars ‘scattered all over the roads’, according to the Weather Channel.

Further winter weather alerts have been issued by the National Weather Service (NOAA) with Oregon, and parts of southwest Washington at risk of ice storms.

The winter deluge will be compounded by thunderstorms and ‘dangerous’ wind chills as an Arctic blast ‘sandwiches’ the US.

Low pressure heading in from the Pacific will clash against the frigid airmass triggering a deluge of freezing rain.

Although temperatures will lift slightly around mid-week, the respite will be short-lived with another glacial plunge forecast ahead of the weekend.

A spokesman for the NOAA said: “Dangerous wind chills and recording setting cold temperatures continue for the centre of our nation.

“Meanwhile, snow will accumulate across the eastern Great Lakes and Northeast corridors.

“More lake effect snow downwind of the Great Lakes are expected through mid-week. Isolated severe thunderstorms possible for central Florida.”

Jim Dale, US weather correspondent and meteorologist for British Weather Services, said: “Winter storms are coming in this week, and there will be further significant snow events in parts of the country.

“Cold air is in situ across the US, so the issue will be when low pressure brings in milder air containing moisture.

“This is going to bring significant snow, and we are looking at possibly one of the United States’ most severe winter storms.”

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